DailyBitcoin interviewed Juan Pablo Bulbulian, creator of SimulEx, who shared some details about the origin and operation of the platform.


Every day, the interest of new people interested in the digital currency ecosystem is growing due to the economic opportunities that these assets offer, provided they work intelligently and take advantage of fluctuations in these markets.

A major obstacle for data subjects, however, is the difficulties and risks associated with early trading on properly authorized exchanges and / or market platforms, especially if an operational error or an investment could occur at an inappropriate time Purpose arranged means.

In view of the growing interest of an increasing number of people in this ecosystem, the project was launched SimulEx, A completely free service that is aimed specifically at anyone who wants to simulate stock exchange transactions with data and statistics from the digital currency market.

Some facts about SimulEx

SimulEx It is a platform of Argentine origin from 2018, which is defined as a free simulation service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with virtual money. Registrated user can perform fictitious commercial operations Manage authentic market data that enables them to develop commercial hypotheses and monitor the results of their transactions. This serves as an exercise.

For this purpose, the platform has updated the prices of all currencies listed CoinMarketCap, and offers all new users when registering a “capital” equals fictitious USD $ 10,000, with which you can start performing simulated commercial operations.

In addition, the service has sections where you can make purchases and sales, review operations, and review the gains or losses that result from price fluctuations.

Quotation for cryptocurrency. Image taken from SimulEx
Quotation for cryptocurrency. Image taken from SimulEx

Interestingly, the service also has a ranking (weekly, monthly, yearly or historical) that lists the users with the highest profit margins from their business operations, which introduces a kind of leisure component that creates happiness. Competition between people who use the service regularly.

The creator of SimulEx

To learn more about the project, DailyBitcoin interviewed the creator of SimulEx, Juan Pablo Bulbulian, systems engineer, completed the National Technological University of Argentinawho spoke in more detail about the origin of this initiative and future plans.

-How did the idea come about to implement this initiative? What goals were set when developing this project?

Juan Pablo Bulbulian, creator of SimulEx
Juan Pablo Bulbulian, creator of SimulEx

-SimulEx The slogan, born in 2018 as an academic project, was the development of a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. After I finished, delivered, and approved it, I found it a very good idea to put it online and make it a useful tool for the community.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive. Upon registration, the user receives a virtual (fictitious) cash deposit of USD 10,000, which allows them to access one of the almost 5,000 coins / tokens listed in CoinMarketCap.com.

Through the platform you can monitor the portfolio and track its development and the registration of all your transactions. If you want more money, you can also make deposits to simulate higher capital investments.

I have no financial motivation with the project, I see it as a way to give back to the crypto community everything I have learned from it in recent years. I hope that more than one will be useful.

-How long have you been running? SimulEx? How many users do you currently have on the platform and for which target group is it intended?

-The exact date that I released the first version was August 2, 2018. It was not long ago at that point Bitcoin It had reached its all-time high and cryptocurrencies appeared in the mass media.

I didn’t do a lot of promotion to promote it, I only shared it with friends and in the group of Facebook from Argentina and Chile. There are currently around 90 users who have carried out at least one virtual transaction and participate in the various rankings. I hope to be able to offer weekly and annual winners a prize in the near future.

The platform is particularly aimed at people who start with cryptocurrencies but do not feel safe about putting real money at risk. No technical knowledge is required for operation. The website responds, making it easy to use from a mobile phone.

At the moment I am using the free service of API from CoinMarketCap, Since I cannot offer quotes in real time, there is a certain delay. Therefore, it is not useful for anyone who wants to simulate trading strategies. Day trading or Scalping.

-We understand that SimulEx is a service that enables users to learn to trade securely in crypto markets. Do you have another website with more information on these topics?

-For the moment SimulEx It is the only project I have in the crypto space. On the main page, however, I have some links to personal articles and websites that are of interest to the community.

My recommendation is to never stop researching and learning about these new technologies that are likely to be the future of money as they can offer us solutions to other aspects of our daily lives. Today there are hundreds of websites, forums and groups with excellent educational and information material.

– Schedule operational changes SimulEx? What other plans related to the crypto ecosystem do you plan to promote in the medium / long term?

-The idea is to implement new features based on user feedback. I like to work as a team, so it would be a pleasure for me to add tech-savvy people who can help.

I hope to be able to offer real-time offers sooner rather than later so that those who want to follow up minute by minute have the opportunity.

One of the aspects that interest me most in technology Blockchain I see enormous potential to offer solutions in the area of ​​certification of documents, signatures and records. I plan to find a solution in this area in the medium term.

If you want to know more about it SimulEx and the features offered by this simulator, we invite you to visit its website.

Article prepared by Angel Di Matteo / DailyBitcoin

Central image courtesy of Juan Pablo Bulbulian

Main image of Pixabay


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