Affiliate programs have been around for centuries to promote a product and promote its use. The good news is that in addition to trading cryptocurrency contracts, passive income is also possible by participating in your broker’s affiliate program, as offered by SimpleFX. Cryptocurrency traders love it because they can passively multiply their profits in addition to trading profits.

How do affiliate programs work?

Almost all online retailers today have their own unique affiliate programs. This way, your users can promote your services in exchange for rewards. Simply put, a user receives a unique link that can be shared with other potential traders so they can trade on the same platform.

An example of the SimpleFX partner program
An example of the SimpleFX partner program

As soon as these new traders have registered and exchanged via the link, the user who receives the recommendation receives rewards that are credited to their account.

Marketing with programs of this style is particularly successful for traders who are interested in using the trade because they can perform more operations by raising funds and opening more positions. SimpleFX, for example, offers one of the robust partner programs by offering a sales share of up to 30% in your current campaign.

How can you increase your partner bonuses?

If you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you have probably already come across an affiliate networking program. But does it maximize your potential to your advantage? Here are some simple steps you can take.

Analyze the guidelines of your partner program

Affiliate programs differ from platform to platform. The most popular components are the registration bonus and income distribution.

A registration bonus is a unique prize that is credited to a user when he successfully invites another user to the platform. On the other hand, revenue sharing can result in higher earnings because it offers a reward based on the earnings generated from the earnings you recommended.

Interestingly, the SimpleFX affiliate program includes multi-tier revenue sharing, offering up to 25% revenue sharing from recommended customers and an additional 5% revenue sharing from customers recommended by previous recommendations.

Create informative content

Submitting links is easy, but successfully inviting potential retailers to sign up is not an easy route to the park. Distinguish yourself with unique, informative and compelling content to attract attention.

  • Start a dedicated blog to discuss business trends and strategies.
  • Create a YouTube channel to share video tutorials and reviews.
  • Be a guest author on popular blogs and websites to expand your audience.
  • Start a podcast to give advice and answer important questions to other operators.

By creating high quality content, you build trust in your audience by showing your passion and commitment to the field.

Share, share and share

Possibilities SimpleFX recommends sharing the link to the partner program.
Possibilities SimpleFX recommends sharing the link to the partner program.

The key to increasing the benefits of your affiliate program is also how well you distribute your referral link. Remember to embed your referral links in one of your content (blog posts, video tutorials, website articles, etc.) and the links to popular social networking sites and discussion forums such as Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Reddit and Pinterest.

Use eye-catching graphics or infographics in your post to preview your content. In this way, you can create followers and expand your presence.

Track your affiliate stats

Finally, you need to know if the above strategies work so you can plan wisely.

Check whether your trading platform contains important data about your affiliate marketing activities. Can it show you real-time data about successful registrations? Can you view link impression and click statistics? These details tell you whether you are going in the right direction or whether you need to set your strategy.

SimpleFX is the best trading app that offers a multi-level feature to split income over lifetime. Users can enjoy up to 25% of the revenue distribution from recommended customers and another 5% from the customers recommended by their recommendations. The online marketing software is top notch because users can easily use pre-built links and embedded URL banners to embed them on their blogs, websites or posts. Everything is easy.

Take part in the SimpleFX affiliate marketing campaign. Users can enjoy 30% of sales until May 31st! To participate, simply create informative SimpleFX content that includes your referral link and post it on any social media site.

Send the link from the email address registered in your SimpleFX account by email to [email protected]. The General Terms and Conditions.


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