Gnosis announced the launch of an application for its multi-signature wallet, Safe Apps, that allows users to interact with products and applications for decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Predictive Markets platform has just released an application extension for their Safe Multisig multi-signature wallet that was published on their blog. Safe Apps allows users to configure their wallets with multiple signatures One or more parties can manage the account together.

The wallet can be configured to require a different level of signature to process a transaction. Also as described Gnosis’ Twitter account allows owners to interact directly with DeFi applications and products with this new wallet.

One of the most important DeFi products There are Compound, Aave, PoolTogether and Synthetix. Compound is currently the only product supported on the platform. However, the Gnosis team assured that they will soon have access to the other options mentioned.

Gnosis points to the DeFi ecosystem

Another highlight of Safe Apps is that users have the option of integrating with other DeFi applications. As explained in the Gnosis blog, the Safe Apps SDK, the development kit for safe applications, was released together with the Safe Apps extension. In this way, each user can create other applications for secure apps, since no authorization is required.

As you can see, the Gnosis team has taken the security of this new system seriously. Safe Apps interacts directly with the smart contracts of every application offered in the store. They also point this out The platform never controls the funds that are used throughout the process. “All the apps on offer are loaded in a sandbox environment, and none have access to the wallet, smartphone or hardware of the user,” it says.

On the other hand, Gnosis also offers users financial incentives to expand the functions of Safe Multisig. In addition, small projects and independent developers should be able to create their own secure applications.

Safe Apps features that allow users to interact directly with DeFi products are consistent with other Gnosis innovations. CryptoNews recently reported on the introduction of a new Gnosis protocol for decentralized trading on Ethereum. The Mesa interface enables users to create market trading strategies for Stable coins.



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