The purpose of these pirates is to collect information from the latest coronavirus studies. It is believed that there are Chinese and Russian hackers who want to update their data with current information about the corona virus.

Attacks on medical facilities are becoming more common in the United States every day, and they also spread false information about Covid-19, giving a vague perception of real events.

CNN He is aware of all cyber attacks on government institutions in the U.S. healthcare sector.

They have insisted on stealing the information relevant to everything related to the corona virus, infected, hospitalized, in laboratories, suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, in short, everything related to the virus.

Everything related to Covid-19 is important to countries devoted to research to attack the virus, so information about this pandemic is important and, depending on its content, can blame China and Russia as the ones that cost a lot of money Characters who attempt to obtain this information at any cost use specialist hackers for this reason.

“There is nothing more valuable today than biomedical research related to coronavirus vaccines.”said John Demers, chief of the Department of Homeland Security at the Department of Justice, adding:

“It’s not only important from a commercial perspective, but regardless of the countries, companies, or research laboratories in which this vaccine is first developed and whether it can be manufactured, it has an important geopolitical success story.”

The North American government is exhausting all resources to prevent these hackers from accessing information, and can work to find a quick and effective solution to combat this global evil.

Involvement of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the middle of a pandemic

But the increase in these criminal activities is increasing, and they act in different ways by sharing false information about data collected. As expected, some are also devoting themselves to sending false emails hoping to receive donations in Bitcoin.Those people who can be contacted and who accept their intentions to defraud them, as these donations are generally for personal use only and never in connection with what a person can understand and thus benefit from the ingenuity of people.

But just as there are malicious people who use the power of cryptocurrencies for their own benefit, there are others who help via Bitcoin and Ethereum on causes related to the Covid 19 pandemic, as we recently reported.

In addition, WHO, technology companies and some startups are already developing coronavirus tracking and monitoring applications or are ready to help infected people, healthy people and governments to prevent further infections.

In New York, a health group started using IBM blockchain technology to improve contact between buyers and providers in the healthcare sector.

And recently, the World Economic Forum has expressed the help that blockchain means to the supply chain because it provides transparency and inviolability, and authenticates the process. In this way, the crypto sector is contributing to this common struggle against Covid-19, although attacks against healthcare facilities continue.

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