3… 2… 1… halving! The community hosted 630,000 bitcoin blocks and hosted the bitcoin event where the block rewards were halved in half of this halving party. Take part virtually here.


Among the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is the celebration of the Halve from Bitcoin It’s almost like a New Year’s party. The countdown has already started and the block reward reduction event is expected in the network from Bitcoin will take place next May 11th.

The event celebrates the arrival in block number 630,000 in the network Blockchain from BitcoinThis is the third process to reduce the popular cryptocurrency. In recent weeks, users of the ecosystem have shown great expectations for the event, which is reflected in an upward trend in the market.

To celebrate the milestone of BitcoinVarious organizations have agreed to celebrate with the community. During this quarantine, interested parties can virtually participate in several halving parties. Below we collect some of the most striking ones.

Follow the countdown until arrival on Halve with the updated counter DailyBitcoinhere.

1. Octopus Celebrate in virtual reality

The change of cryptocurrencies based in the United States, Octopus will celebrate his own party Halve in futuristic format. In a program five virtual reality events, A group of recognized enthusiasts will speak about halving and the consequences for Bitcoin.

Users with viewers Oculus VR You can attend the party in virtual reality and share it with special guests. Recognized executives like Jameson Lopp, CTO of At home;; Alyse Killeen out Stillmark;; Eric Wall, CIO of Arcane assets; Elizabeth Stark, CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs and Charlie Lee, director of Litecoin Foundation.

This party will also have other surprises for its attendees that may receive prizes during the broadcast, including an Oculus Quest headset. Be part of the celebration this Sunday, May 10th at 16:00 UTC, via this link.

2nd Halving party by Binance in Spanish

The Spanish-speaking community group Binance is also holding a party to celebrate that Halve. This week Binance Spanish invited in a number of Tweet those who want to participate in the free virtual event.

The celebration will continue to air Youtube and will have the participation of special guests. It will also include rewards of over $ 1,000 in BNB. Follow the group through theirs Twitter and other social networks to learn more about the festive event.


3. Tikebit celebrates halving

Between the celebrations of Halve that will celebrate the 630,000 blocks of Bitcoin The virtual event from Bit2me, the renowned platform for the exchange of Spanish digital currencies.

By TwitterThe team at the company, which offers several cryptocurrency services in Spain, invited interested parties to attend the celebration. Users can participate in the Bit2Me event free of charge via their YouTube channel.

To know the schedule and other details of this party Halveyou can follow the exchange at Twitter and join the group of telegram.

4. Halve parties! Pizza and beer with Anthony Pompliano

Acknowledged Jason Williams, one of the founders of Morgan Creekand the enthusiast of BitcoinAnthony Pompliano will be broadcast live for a few hours before the third half. When sharing pizza and beer, both ecosystem enthusiasts will talk about the historical landmark and its definition of the future Bitcoin.

“”Order your own pizza, drink a few beers and get ready for a good time“Says the invitation. Those interested in the online event can register here.

5.- BitcoinMagazine celebrates too

The team from Bitcoin Magazine will celebrate that too Halve from Bitcoin with a continuous coverage of 21 hours of third reduction. Well-known industry leaders will take part in this free virtual event to discuss this important event. Prices and an auction are also included. You can attend the event here on the media page.

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Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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