Pizzerias in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and the United States with delivery options to commemorate this Bitcoin Pizza Day quarantined. Some have special promotions for that day!


Today the parishes of Bitcoin celebrate from all over the world Bitcoin Pizza Day, the first day a cryptocurrency was used to pay for a product in the real world.

The 22nd of May 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the most expensive pizza in history. This anecdote, which has been reviewed several times in the past, dates back to 2010 when the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid the sum of 10,000 Bitcoins for a couple of pizzas.

At that time, technology was scarce and ten thousand Bitcoins They were valued at $ 41. However, today they are worth nearly $ 90,000,000.

The Bitcoin Pizza Day marks a milestone in the history of Bitcoin. A currency that has not only gained significant value since then, but has already been introduced by thousands of merchants worldwide as a decentralized, fast and secure payment method.

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Pizza delivery options

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts celebrate this every year Bitcoin Pizza Day with parties, events and ecosystem activities. This year, many have been forced to celebrate from home due to COVID-19’s quarantine and social isolation measures.

With this attitude, DailyBitcoin presents a list of some pizzerias in Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and the United States that accept Bitcoin and they offer services delivery these days. We also assure you that each of the pizzas you order costs less than 10,000 Bitcoins.

one. Part’s pizza in Bogota

The Part’s Pizza Restaurant in the city of Bogotá (Colombia) works with home orders for pizzas during this quarantine. If you want Celebrate this Bitcoin Pizza Day Eating a pizza decorated with the symbol of the main cryptocurrencyThis restaurant will satisfy your imagination.

Facebook picture of Part's Pizza in Bogotá
Pizza in Bogota. picture of Facebook

The team from Part’s pizza It not only offers huge double cheese pizzas in return for some satoshis, but also an extensive menu with burgers, fries, Hot dogs and more. This Colombian restaurant that is advertised as an enthusiast of Bitcoin, Receive orders at home through Whatsapp.

They can also be obtained through the services Delivery Rappi, Uber eats and QQExpress. Find out more about cryptocurrency enthusiasts residing in Colombia Part’s pizza Here.

2. 2 × 1 pizza! in the Bitcoin Embassy Bar

The headquarters of the Bitcoin this will celebrate in Mexico City Bitcoin Pizza Day with a 2 × 1 promotion for pizzas.

This Friday, Bitcoin Embassy Bar offers a special service from delivery of pizzas, which also have an additional 25% discount for users who cancel their order using the bar’s native cryptocurrency, BEMB token.

Due to quarantine measures, Bitcoin Embassy Bar It was forced to close its doors until further notice, so the service will not be operational until May 22nd. Interested parties should order their pizza at least one day in advance. Contact or find them on their social networks Uber eats or DidiFood.

In a non-profit initiative to celebrate the crypto milestone, the team from Bitcoin message to starts a donation campaign in Bitcoin Who will collect donations to bring pizzas to social homes across Mexico.

3rd Ristorante Nonna Bella in Caracas, delivery for Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrating

Located in Chacaito, Caracas, the restaurant Nonna Bella accepted Bitcoin and deliver to your home. For residents of the Venezuelan capital who are interested in celebrating this Pizza day With some pizzas, this Caracas pizzeria also has a special offer: for the purchase of one of their pizzas, the second is half the price.

The pizzeria Nonna Bella It offers a varied menu of Italian gastronomy, including pasta, focaccias, risottos, pizza, lasagna, gnocchis and much more. They accept orders at home through their WhatsApp channels Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more about it here.

Nonna Bella Facebook picture
Facebook picture of Nonna Bella

Four. Vegan pizza in Buenos Aires

east Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020 Cryptocurrency fans looking for healthier options can also enjoy a rich pizza. The chain of pizzerias in Buenos Aires Vegan pizza offers a variety of pizzas that are prepared on foods of non-animal origin with the option to pay with Bitcoin.

This is not the first anniversary of Pizza day to the Vegan pizzathat have been cryptocurrencies among their payment alternatives for some time. Last year, well-known tech enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos even visited and recommended the pizzas of this Argentine startup.

For this year 2020, the team will have an exclusive campaign in collaboration with the Community of Binance Spanish. If you would like to order your pizza, you can contact the nearest branch on the PizzaVegana.com page.

5. Domino, Pizza Hut, Papa Jhon

Pizza buying options are available in the United States Bitcoins They are almost infinite. Although hundreds of restaurants across the North American country accept digital currencies as a form of payment, they also use applications like Bit refill, wrinkles, moon and others it is possible to buy pizza Bitcoin in famous pizzerias like Domino, Papa Jhon and Pizza Hut.

Basically, these services allow users to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at several online retailers, including Uber eats, the grocery delivery service associated with restaurants around the world.

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Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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