The global nonprofit Heifer International has decided to partner with the Libra Association to create a new, much more accessible, and affordable financial system that “supports financial inclusion, competition, and responsible innovation in financial services.” He said in a blog post earlier this week that he would become the 23rd official member of the Libra organization.

This company was rated by Charity Navigator as one of the best in her style and awarded her 3 out of 4 stars and 97/100 points.

“At Heifer International, we work with some of the poorest farmers in the world to help them sustainably increase production, enter new markets, and increase sales and income. As farmers grow their businesses, one of the biggest challenges is getting access to credit »they explained in the blog post.

Heifer President and CEO Pierre Ferrari said in a Tweet the:

Farmers who use local lenders face high interest rates and loans that may not be repaid, preventing them from building sustainable livelihoods.

As well Dante Disparte, Head of Politics and Communication at the Libra Association, announced in Twitter Who was delighted to greet the group and further stated that Heifer International “He has been working to end hunger and poverty for more than 75 years.”.

The change in the project

Recently representative of the Facebook project You changed the course And now Pound is supported by various stable coins like dollars, euros and sterling.

In addition, it will no longer be treated as a currency without the required permits, but will comply with the requirements necessary to prevent money laundering and other illegal money related operations.

But for Silvia García, Democratic Representative of Texas, USA, her changes are “Insufficient”, and it was she who was the one before “Law on stable currencies managed with securities” Classify Libra immediately as a value if approved and enacted.

On the other hand, Facebook continues to rely on his project and payment signature, Calibra, Looking for 50 new jobs in Ireland to further develop this digital wallet where Libra is to be used.

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