So you’ve finally decided. After researching and reading tons of articles and maybe books on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. You have decided to be part of the crypto revolution and make money with Bitcoin. Then I congratulate you that you have become part of a world full of possibilities and are constantly expanding. And welcome you with five ideas to make money with Bitcoin from Latin America.

1- Bitcoin mining

Let’s start with the most straightforward way to earn Bitcoin. We naturally refer to cryptocurrency mining. And if you have enough capital to invest in the crypto market, one of the best and safest ways to make a profit with crypto assets is to simply mine them.

Though you are unlikely to form a mining farm with thousands of machines working day and night. When the electricity costs are profitable and you can put one or two mining machines into operation. This can be a means to achieve constant income flow in Bitcoin. Especially with the new generation of mining machines: The Bitmain S19s are not long before the market launch.

2- trade

The second way to generate revenue with cryptocurrencies is another of the classic bets in the crypto world. Well, for many people who do not live in the crypto world or are just starting to approach it. Trading seems to be the only way to make money with Bitcoin.

Although trading is actually only a small part of the options available to you to invest in Bitcoin. It’s still true that this is one of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency. Especially if you already have experience in carrying out financial transactions in the traditional market. Or when you are ready to learn the advantages and disadvantages of financial investments.

However, you have to be very careful when trading Bitcoin. Not just because you should make sure that you have a trustworthy stock market that you can invest in. Binance is probably the best option. Because if you try to invest without having enough knowledge of the crypto market, both from a technical and a fundamental point of view. You will probably lose all your money.

There are dozens of exchanges that you can use to make money with Latin America bitcoin.
There are dozens of exchanges that you can use to make money with Latin America bitcoin.

3- Affiliate program

It should be noted that even if you choose one of these methods as the main source for making money with Bitcoin in Latin America. This does not mean that you cannot supplement it with other simultaneous activities that offer you additional income.

And one of the best ways to do this is through affiliate programs like Binance Futures. This offers you advantages for every new user you gain for the platform. In the case of Binance, you reduce up to 40% of all trading commissions that are charged to you by the exchange. This can mean hundreds of dollars in savings when you start making more money and working more in the stock market.

4- Do with Bitcoin

But if yours is not really a constant financial investment in trading, but entrepreneurship and organizational structure, we have good news for you. Well, the crypto world is an open field for entrepreneurs who are ready to break paradigms, generate tens of thousands, hundreds, and even thousands of Bitcoin.

And to show a button: Binance, the world’s leading stock exchange today. The company is expected to generate sales of more than $ 1,000,000,000 in 2020. It only started operating a few years ago in 2017. In a short time, it became one of the most important companies in the Bitcoin market, a symbol of the crypto revolution.

Everything has to be done in the crypto world. So it doesn’t matter what appeals to you when building your own bitcoin exchange and other cryptocurrencies, like Changpeng Zhao did with Binance. Design blockchain-based video games. Or create new applications that work with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market in Latin America needs new entrepreneurs to finally develop.

5- Collect your services in Bitcoin

Finally, a variation of the previous proposal to generate money with Bitcoin in Latin America is to charge your services in BTC. And maybe you don’t have the spirit or idea to start a great blockchain company. But if you have a skill that you master perfectly and that people are willing to pay for.

In this case, the good news for you is that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are ready to pay for Bitcoin for your knowledge. Extend your market to potential customers beyond your country or to customers using fiat currencies like the dollar. Entry into a truly global market like cryptocurrencies.

So it doesn’t matter whether it is graphic design, web programming, content writing, coaching or your personal skills. We can assure you that there are at least a dozen people on the planet who are willing to pay you to do what you do best. This is our fifth suggestion for you to make money with Bitcoin from Latin America.


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