Crypto kitten launches kitten to earn money to fight COVID-19. The exchange Binance Freezes money from theft to the South Korean stock exchange Upbit. zeal brings in $ 10 million in token sales.


Binance freezes money from theft Upbit

Binance has frozen funds associated with the $ 49 million attack on the United States Exchange upbit after hackers tried to liquidate the stolen capital on the platform. After a warning from Whale alert, the cryptographic motion tracker, Binance continued to withhold funds.

As reported by the tracker in Twitterthe attackers would postpone the ETH 137 (USD 27,530) of illegally withdrawn capital Upbitto a wallet from Binance.

The South Korean exchange, Upbit suffered a cyber attack last year that resulted in the theft of more than 340,000 ETH (approximately $ 68 million). It has been reported in the past that criminals tried to move stolen money. In December, they made a 2,000 transaction Ether to an unknown wallet. Since then the exchange Binance has committed freeze a sum of the chop to this platform.

Investors of Bitcoin in the Coinbase tend to buy Old coins during bullfights

A current report from Coinbase suggests that most investors in Bitcoin they end up buying from the platform Old coins during bullfights (ie when the price goes up). For a long time, Bitcoin It was the dominant capital of the crypto market. However for Coinbase This trend paves the way for many other currencies.

Although the largest number of users are buying Bitcoin (around 60%), only 24% of them are left alone with this currency. Overall, more than 75% ultimately buy other assets. Coinbase in the report. Perhaps the most revealing fact that the stock market has pointed out is that there is more interest in other assets when the market is on an upward trend.

The platform report pointed to bullfights and BTC volatility as factors that play a role. “significantIn the decision of the traders to diversify into other assets.

Since people feel comfortable with their initial investments in cryptocurrencies (in Bitcoin), they branch out to find other potential categorical winners (as becomes clear in the 2017 bullfight). The opposite is also possible because prices are falling and fear is taking over the market (2018-2019). A flight to crypto security brought Bitcoin to the fore.


Preferred assets among Coinbase users - Coinbase image
Preferred assets among Coinbase users – Coinbase image

Celo collects $ 10 million in less than 24 hours

The Celo Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the platform Blockchain Eager to carry out a sale on Wednesday Token that brought in $ 10 million.

The Token Zeal gold (cGLD) were sold in Coin list, the listing platform of Tokenin an auction where the price of the asset is set after all bids have been accepted. Sales of Token attracted investors from more than 62 countries, as reported The block.

A spokesman for the foundation informed the media that the funds raised would go to “Funding ongoing development work and community grants to support the ecosystem“” These funds add to the $ 30 million investment Celo made last year from investors Andreessen Horowitz. Polychain capital and other.

This year is the progress of zeal attracted some of the former allies’ attention in the room after the foundation lb from Facebook is connected to the project zeal.

The new CryptoKitties collection helps fight COVID-19

The collector platform Blockchain most famous in the world, CryptoKittieshas started a new collection of kittens called Artist series. The new collector’s kitty series was designed by Momo Wang, an award-winning and internationally recognized illustrator from Beijing.

Wang is the creator of the popular character Tuzki, An animated rabbit known for its use on instant messaging platforms. The illustrator designed CryptoKitties A collection of four ultra-modern cats inspired by DADA’s ballet costumes.

The first CryptoKitty is Catterina, a limited edition character with only 100 units, the value of which is USD 100, is available on the platform Nifty gateway. Half of the proceeds from the sale of this Crypto kitten new one will help Feed America and Canada Food Banks Support to the affected communities due to the COVID 19 outbreak.

In 2018 CryptoKitties auctioned a collector’s kitten for USD 25,000, the funds of which went to organizations working for the conservation of the oceans.

Catterina by Illustrator Momo Wang - Image by CryptoKitties
Catterina by Illustrator Momo Wang – Image by CryptoKitties

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