A blockchain platform for patient identification, 3D mask printing and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) training for healthcare workers are initiatives sponsored by the in5 incubator in Dubai to fight the pandemic of Covid-19

The Start incubator in5, based in United Arab Emirates (UAE)congratulated the business people Generate answers and drive the nation to Covid-19, using technology in different programs, both for the community in general and for health workers.

In5 managed to create one beneficial ecosystem for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the UAEwhere it has three innovation centers that allow access from Students to entrepreneurs Provision of development programs, creative spaces and tutorials.

Biometric identification + blockchain

In this way, the Entrepreneurs and startups use in5 technology devices, tools and rooms promote various initiatives that are supported by technology, as is the case Liber healthwho created one Patient identification platform through a biometric system supported by blockchain technology.

The company developed a contactless identification system that serves to detail patient data, a platform based on blockchain and biometrics they think about it a lot more secure than biometric fingerprint-based identification systems, after a review report from Emirates 24/7.

The Syed Abrar, CEO of Liber Health, found that the platform “It could save thousands of lives”In addition to mentioning that the system is compatible and scalable for everyone Electronic medical record (EMR) systems and healthcare applications in the world.

Anti-pandemic technology in Dubai

The initiative emerges as one of the technological tools to fight the pandemic of Covid-19like they did other startups and entrepreneurs with the support of in5through exploitation 3D printer Make masks for doctors and nurses.

Another startup uses this too Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so healthcare professionals can visualize hospitals and patients use immersive technology.

The Majed Al Suwaidi, CEO of Dubai Media Citypointed out the importance of supporting local startups UAEwho was quoted in the publication saying:

(…) Some of the keenest minds are now developing life-saving products and services to fight the virus, while others are proactively contacting the relevant authorities to provide them with knowledge and expertise.

in the United Arab Emirates and especially in the Emirate of Dubaihave developed differently Implementations based on blockchain technologyfor example as alternative Digital to government services, Meanwhile in Dubaihave initiatives related to blockchain as platform share Data and digital documents with KYC, As a Crypto Valley in a tax free zone.

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