In search of new opportunities: Bitcoin-intensive online courses rise by 300% – cryptocurrency


Some have a lot of free time under quarantine, and it seems that Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency rates generally spark the interest of online users

The quarantine has resulted in people taking all kinds of online courses. Among other things, the demand for Bitcoin prices rose significantly.

Online platforms have sparked great interest in Internet users, and people are increasingly turning to these alternatives.

With the worldwide Covid 19 quarantine, online learning has skyrocketed, and interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been one of the topics on the platforms that people most wanted with the intent to update. with this kind of virtual currencies.

According to the popular online learning platform Udemyhe commented on the portal Decrypt In the past month alone, the demand for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency rates has quadrupled.

Think the same way CourseraThis is a service that collects courses from various universities around the world and has seen a very significant increase in classes based on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks compared to the previous year. A representative of the platform commented:

“As a percentage, we saw a 293% increase in the total number of registrations on our platform and a 200% increase in prices for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.”

Another learning

People who are at home without being able to walk because of Covid-19 feel that by registering for online courses, they gain knowledge and can use the time spent at home learn something new and productive.

Many are the ones who enjoy taking the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses from home and sharing them with their close relatives, which has allowed them to talk about the same topic in the family union and practically on the same knowledge base, as they all do same time entering for the first time on these issues.

Given the global pandemic we’re going through, all educational institutions They renovate their class structures for their students With this in mind, they recognized the need to start online courses to keep their employees active in various subjects.

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