Bakkt now has coverage of more than $ 500 million. Investors have filed another class action lawsuit against Block.one. Berry Farm in California has joined the IBM Food Trust. Celo Foundation starts Mainnet.


Bakkt announces an insurance policy of more than $ 500 million

Bakkt, a cryptocurrency platform from Intercontinental exchange (ICE) has secured its custody business from Bitcoin with an additional insurance policy of more than USD 500 million. The company announced this in a blog post referring to a new collaboration with the Digital Asset Risk Transfer team at swamp.

In addition to Bakkt Warehouse’s existing $ 125 million insurance, customers can now purchase more than $ 500 million in additional insurance coverage, subject to the eligibility criteria.

In the explanation Bakkt also revealed that their product Department store, Your custody platform for Bitcoinnow looks after more than 70 institutional clients. The company also found that popular crypto brokers like Tagomi use the custody services of Bakkt.

The California fruit farm joins IBM Food Trust

The producer of Berry (Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc.) from the USA, California Giant Berry Farms, joined the food tracking solution based on Blockchain from IBM: Food trust. This has been reported by the media The packer, who quoted the company’s chief operating officer, Thomas Taggart:

In this way, Cal Giant and our partners can optimize and identify opportunities for improvement in operational efficiency with a focus on freshness..

The supermarket chain Walmartthat is part of the project Blockchain IBM and encouraged producers to join the technology solution, praising the integration of Cal Giant. Texas Bhatt, Senior Director of Global Food Safety Innovation for Walmart said:

From green leafy vegetables to peppers, Walmart has digitized its food supply chain using blockchain. This allows us to track groceries from the farm to the store, ensuring that they are fresh and safe when purchased by our customers.

Class action against Block.one for “fraudulent scheme”On EOS ICO

Sell ​​investors Token EOS has filed a class action lawsuit against the company Blockchain Block.One. In the complaint, they accuse the company of violating the U.S. Securities Act during the Initial Coin Offering in (ICO) in 2018.

The Crypto Assets Opportunities Fund (CAOF) together with the single investor Johnny Hong Block.one and his managers accused “Deliberately misleading investors and artificial inflation of the EOS token price during the ICO“” The plaintiffs’ lawyers are demanding more than $ 200 million from the ICO.

The most recent lawsuit against Block.one It comes shortly after several class action lawsuits were filed in New York for alleged fraud against various crypto companies, including Block.one. These lawsuits also require the company to compensate for breaches of promises made at the ICO.

The Celo Foundation will start its mainnet

After raising USD 40 million to carry out his project BlockchainThe Celo Foundation announced the start of their Main network. The foundation published the news in an official statement.

We are pleased to announce that Release Candidate 1, released on April 22nd, is officially Mainnet! After two and a half years of development, this milestone enables Celo gold transfers and consolidates the value of the Celo network“”

In the declaration, the project team also indicated the next steps in the roadmap from Zeal. Among them, they will focus on the topic: bringing off-chain prices Zeal gold on the chain through a series of oracles, Zealous dollars live and finally the launch of Zeal whalet.

The announcement comes shortly after zealthat became known as the rival project of lb from Facebook, its first $ 700,000 grant will be given to 13 different companies to build on the network.

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