Bitmain reimburses buyers from miners Bitcoin after the price cuts; on the P2P exchange of Binance The sovereign Bolivar is already appearing (You see They see); FBI warns of increasing crypto scams amid a pandemic COVID-19.


Bitmain partially refunded mine buyers from Bitcoin after the price cuts

The manufacturer for mining machines BitmainHeadquartered in Beijing, the company distributes cash vouchers to compensate customers who have ordered their latest mining equipment from Bitcoin before the recent price cuts. This has been reported by the media CoinDeskciting a Chinese medium.

Bitmain said Tuesday that buyers of AntMiner S17 + y T17 + With delivery dates between mid-February and late April, you will receive coupons ranging from USD 17 to USD 272 per unit. The move reflects the violent fall in prices in the past month Bitcoinin what “black thursdayIn addition to the expected decline in sales, this should have a lasting impact.

The vouchers with them Bitmain Partially refund your buyers, they can only be used when purchasing additional goods Bitmain. Also, They also point to tougher market conditions for the sale of mining equipment, a factor that is likely to reduce revenue Bitmain and increases the liabilities on your balance sheet.

Added for context CoinDesk, Bitmain Typically, the latest miners are sold on a pre-order model, with customers paying the full selling price in advance for a delivery that is usually two to three months later.

As such and during Bitmain refund its buyers to those who have received theirs AntMiner S17 + At the beginning of April, they could originally have paid well above the current price of the device. All mining manufacturers have their prices after the March 12 accident and near the Bitcoin halves next month.

Coinbase custody will help stake out DOT Polkadot with a return of up to 20%

Coinbase custody announced that it will launch support for the Mark out (Participation) of tokens DOT the multi-chain interoperability protocol Polkadot The launch is supported by the infrastructure company Blockchain, Bison trails.

The integration announced on Tuesday enables owners of DOT Store your tokens in vaults from Coinbase custody offline and bet them through the validators Bison trails. The Mark out from DOT is an essential part of the network for proof of participation (PoS) from PolkadotTheoretically, this rewards those who mortgage their tokens with a return on investment of up to 20 percent.

To CoinDeskIntegration follows the associations of Bison trails y Coinbase custody With Polkadotin February. Coinbase custody allows account holders to make claims DOTand Bison trails implemented one of the first validators in the test network (tests) Kusama. The main network of Polkadot not started yet.

The integration of Bison trails y Coinbase will extend beyond Polkadotsaid the medium. “”With the increasing importance of PoS models in the crypto area, partners like bison trails will be invaluable for customers.“Said the CEO of Coinbase custodySam McIngvale.

Bison trails y Coinbase custody You plan to add a service Mark out for other blockchains later.

Binance Extends P2P offerings by Indian Rupees (INR) and Indonesian Rupees (IDR). Soon with Bolivars

Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange by volume and number of users, today announced the launch of two new Fiat currencies on its platform peer to peer (P2P or from person to person): Indian rupees and Indonesian rupees. With the addition of the exchange P2P reached 20 approved fiat currencies.

The exchange P2P from Binance, which facilitates the trade of BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT y BUSD With zero transaction fees, the Indian Fiat adds when crypto operations in the country skyrocket. This after the lifting of the ban on banking restrictions for crypto-based companies, as announced DailyBitcoin in March.

DailyBitcoin also reported that Binance started his exchange P2P opened last October, apparently with the Chinese yuan. Available in both Binance.com the platform as in mobile applications P2P Currencies such as the Vietnamese dong and the Russian ruble have also been added. Later, in March, the company started operating in Latin America and opened with five fiat currencies from the region.

Also a review of DailyBitcoin to the platform P2Pshowed that The Venezuelan fiat currency is already appearing You see They see (bolívar soberano), but there are no transactions yet.

Venezuelan currency VES on Binance’s P2P list. Source: P2P.Binance.Com

In this regard Mariangel García, Community Manager at Binance Spanish said:

Binance has not yet made the official announcement of the Venezuelan currency admission, but soon Binance Spanish will call those who want to operate in Venezuelan Bolivars.

The FBI warns of increasing crypto scams amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the USA issued a warning on Monday about the increasing number of cryptocurrency fraud and took advantage of the continuing fear of the outbreak of COVID-19. The agency said criminals attack people of all ages and use different techniques to catch potential victims of fraud.

The warning also detailed that fraud not only occurs with online virtual asset service providers, but that fraudsters also use the vast network of cryptocurrency kiosks that are scattered around the world.

Crypto fraud has already been a major concern of the criminal police around the world, and criminal activity has increased with the recent outbreak of Corona virus.

The U.S. agency said fraudsters target blackmail victims with extortion, home fraud, payment for non-existent treatments or equipment, and even investment fraud. Although all these scams used to be common, extortionists threaten to infect people with them Corona virus if they disagree with the terms of the extortion.

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Arnaldo Ochoas Overview / DailyBitcoin.


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