In short: crypto fraud for OneCoin co-founder postponed to July; Binance does online courses in Spanish


Crypto fraud postponed to July OneCoin, Shops of the Darknet Illegals accept crypto payments for N-95 masks for COVID-19; Learn to trade futures Binance; Distributor of UFC promotes in Twitter halves from Bitcoin.


The U.S. court postpones crypto fraud conviction to the co-founder of OneCoin

The U.S. government asked the co-founder of to postpone the crypto fraud verdict for another three months OneCoinKonstantin Ignatov. The postponement was announced yesterday, as reported by the media.

According to the source, the New York South District Court approved an application to postpone the date of review of the judgment of Ignatov, brother and accomplice of current refugee Ruja Ignatova, aka “CryptorineAnd co-founder of OneCoin. Ignatov’s verdict, originally set for April 8, is July 8, 2020.

After being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in March 2019, Ignatov pleaded guilty to participating in the billion-dollar scam in late 2019. Since his sister is still on the run, he has to face up to 90 years in prison and has acted as a cooperating witness in the trial against Mark Scott. This in turn is the lawyer who is said to have helped wash nearly $ 400 million through the fraud.

In a April 6 message, the US government said Ignatov’s cooperation “not yet finished“” The government not only requested a postponement, but also tried to unlock a number of documents, and found that the defense had approved their request.

Shops of the Darknet Illegals accept crypto payments for face masks N-95 For COVID-19

As coronavirus conquered the world, the websites darknet now accept crypto for those interested in purchasing coronavirus masks and tests COVID-19.

Elliptic’s research team has found thousands of N95 masks, coronavirus remedies, and test kits for sale on the dark internet.
Learn more about their research in our new blog post

Authorities around the world have largely tracked the use of Bitcoin in the markets of darknet. As a result, drug dealers, illegal gun shops and sellers of illegal objects no longer prefer payments. BTC. However, the current coronavirus pandemic has created a new challenge. Unauthorized dark network retailers accept crypto for masks COVID.

The whole world has a lack of masks N-95 and many retailers of Darknet They have appeared overnight in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia and have used this situation to sell their goods. The doubts lie in the quality of these entries.

Learn everything about trading Futures With Binance futures

From April Binance, the world’s largest exchange by volume and number of users, has a number of Free virtual events for users of the Spanish-speaking community. The idea is to educate them and enable them to take advantage of Futures and all its tools.

The first event will be one Master class this Thursday, April 9th ​​at 7:00 p.m. in the congregation telegram. There, users can chat with invited professional dealers who work with Mariangel García, Community Manager of the Latam community and the Ángeles de team Binance, answers and clarifies the most common questions as well as additional information for the proper use of the dynamic platform from Futures.

Then, on Thursday, April 16, there will be one Webinar Exclusively dictated by crypto trader and advisor Aníbal Garrido (@AnibalCripto). In this activity, the instructor takes a theoretical-hands-on tour of the platform interface and reveals the operational details of Binance futures.

During this classroom dynamic, user assistants can also be winners of Vouchers are equivalent to 10 USDT. These can in turn be used to start trading on the platform and to put what you have learned into practice.

Expeleator of the UFC Change the nickname to Twitter promote halving Bitcoin

Next month the Bitcoin Halving (BTC) and there are great expectations for such an event, to the point that prominent athletes are interested in promoting it. Ben Askren, Expulsion from Ultimate fighting championship (UFC) is one of them.

Askren, famous enthusiast of Bitcoin, changed his name Account of Twitter to “Bitcoin halves May 13“, Brings its number of followers to more than 300,000.

Cointelegraph previously reported that the former mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) has an affinity for digital assets. Askren has promoted Cryptocurrencies in your account Twitter on more than one occasion things like “I just bought more BTC“”

The UFC has recently teamed up with Dapper Labs, the company behind the game Blockchain, CryptoKittiesto launch the brand’s digital collectibles UFC. The relationship between UFC and crypto dates from when Jon Fitch became the first fighter MMA who received a payment in BTC in 2015.

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Report by Arnaldo Ochoa /DailyBitcoin.

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