Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, confirms that he continues to invest Bitcoin; The as Dr. Doom’s famous economist says whales manipulate the market BTC and more.


Jack Dorser confirmed that he continues to invest capital Bitcoin

The CEO of Twitter and the payment request Square, Jack Dorsey indicated through his social network account that he continues to invest part of his income in Bitcoin, Therefore, he provides around $ 10,000 for the purchase of funds BTC one week.

This was confirmed by Dorsey with a message on the social network in response to a question asked by the account @ BitcoinMunger, where he said he was still shopping Bitcoin.

The exact amount of capital Dorsey is spending on the purchase Bitcoin came to place on the show during an interview in 2019 “Tales from the Crypt”,There he assured that he would spend around $ 10,000 of his income every week to earn additional income BTC.

However, it is not known whether the CEO of Tweetter It stayed constant in its investment plan or when it provided a larger amount of capital to use certain moments in the market.

Dr. Doom: “Bitcoin’s drop to $ 8,000 was due to market manipulation.”

The renowned American economist nicknamed “DR. Sinking”, Rouniel Roubini assured that the drop in prices from Bitcoin As of May 10th, this was due to market manipulations mainly carried out by large capital investors (crypto whales).

In his statements, Roubini emphasized that at that time the price of Bitcoin It was heading towards USD $ 10,000, but within a few minutes it was trading below USD $ 8,000. He also assured that this led to some kind of domino effect, which led to a sharp decline in the other digital currencies.

In this context, Roubini commented:

Bitcoin is blocked by 15% within seven minutes without any related news: we are talking about a market that is being manipulated … and controlled by whales in which the majority of the transaction volume (at least 90%) is wrong. in particular through exchanges that claim to have liquidity that they do not have. Massive hikes and exits, identity theft … commercial laundry, total fraud!

CEO of Blockstream: “I am not Satoshi Nakamoto”

The CEO of Blockstream, Adam Black posted a message through his official networks that he is not the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, and assured that the evidence would point to him as the creator Bitcoin You have no basis.

Black’s response came from a video posted on the social network Reddit, There they present a short research paper with evidence that shows him as the alleged creator of the most important digital currency.

In this context, Black stressed that, unlike many who assume that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, he denies any speculation that links him to the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin. A translation of his messages on the social network Twitter reads:

Some claim to be Satoshi, there are blog stories based on days of investigation and court facts … It seems like I need the opposite: I am not a Satoshi, although the video / reddit said so recently. Some elements and factors seem to be suspicious in retrospect. These coincidences and the facts are disorganized.

One of the most controversial cases today is that of programmer Craig Wright, who publicly claims to be the person behind the creation of Bitcoin, and who currently supports the cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV considering that the previous versions were completely distorted from their purpose. Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is currently on trial and still has no convincing evidence to support his allegations.

ErisX announces the start of futures contracts ether

The platform for trading options and derivatives, ErisX, announced the start of futures contracts Ether, That comes a few days after receiving the BitLicense and report that it will offer new business services in the state of New York.

In this regard, the managers of ErisX reported in the Blog the company:

As of today, private and institutional investors can access contracts for physical futures based on ETH-USD with monthly and quarterly terms. In addition to the Spot ErisX market, the ErisX futures exchange is listed on a uniform and innovative platform that offers transparency in reporting on prices and efficiency in terms of guarantees.

With this announcement, ErisX is one of the first companies to launch futures trading options Ether, particularly due to considerations by the U.S. regulators.

In this context, the President of the CFTC, Heath Tarbert stated at the time that the start of futures ETH it would surely come very soon, provided these contracts comply with the applicable legal requirements. Remember that the official also assured that in the eyes of the agency the ether It was listed as a commodity and not as a value.

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