Richter ‘amazes’ at Craig Wright’s objection to the detection of more than 1.1 million bitcoins

A Florida judge said Craig Wright’s objections to providing vital evidence for 1.1 million Bitcoins (More than $ 7 billion at the time of writing the note)confused“It seemed to argue that the court should”accept blindlyEverything it says.

This has been reported CoinDeskDistrict judge Beth Bloom raised Wright’s objection to a discovery order, which forced him to produce 11,000 documents for the Kleiman case, and argued that the defendant had misinterpreted the order and relied on unsubstantiated arguments.

In an extremely critical statement of his decision for the Southern District Court Bloom, Florida, said the presiding judge’s job is to determine what evidence is admissible in court. She decided that Wright’s arguments that the documents were inadmissible because they would ignore his lawyer’s and client’s rights were mischaracterized.

Wright has long claimed to have access to funds on Bitcoin, But he told the court that he couldn’t prove this as it would violate his privilege with a mysterious Kenyan lawyer, Denis Mayaka. This in turn is supposed to be a lawyer for Tulip Trust, a joint mining company in which Wright theoretically maintains the 1.1 million Bitcoins.

Wright now has until April 17 to submit the requested documents.

SBI Holdings, Favorite partner of Ripple in Japan he started with the Blockchain Corda R3 Forex trading Forex [[[[FX]]. According to a report quoted by AMB CryptoThe news marked the first practical application of Blockchain from Corda in the country, like for crypto, Ripple it was one of the first.

The use of R3 For the time being, it was limited to the company to share the transaction history between merchants and confirm the order content. This step was taken to avoid human error.

First of all, it is used Corda between SBI Securities y SBI liquidity market. According to the results, the company is then expanded outside of the group SBI. The company’s goal was to increase the number of foreign exchange orders, consolidate the revenue base, and lower transaction costs.

The company added:

“… we have reduced the operational risk in the confirmation business and guaranteed a high level of protection of privacy and manipulation security. In addition, blockchain guarantees the identity of the transaction data between the parties and improves the reliability of the collection work. In addition, the transmission of information in real time enables continuous data connection with the back office work.

SBI Holdings was a consistent actor in the crypto arena and Blockchain, How to create projects VICTRADE, the first exchange through the Central Bank of Japanand others support like Ellipticalwho have raised thanks to companies like USD 23 million SBI Group, AlbionVC y Santander Innoventures.

Grayscale claims to have hit a record $ 500 million in the first quarter

Depending on the medium CoinDesk, the crypto-focused investment company Grayscale He said he had raised a total of $ 503.7 million in the first quarter of 2020, almost double the previous quarterly high of $ 254.8 million (third quarter of 2019).

During trusts valued at Bitcoins Still the company’s most popular product, the report said ether They also got record entries this quarter when investors added multiple products. Grayscale to their wallets.

The company, a unit of Digital currency group The New York-based company raised a total of around $ 600 million in 2019 CoinDesk. With Thursday’s Q1 2020 revenue figures, it is very likely that the 2020 entries will exceed those of 2019.

Grayscale Inflows were also reported to exceed $ 1 billion over a 12-month period, the company’s first year of $ 1 billion. These figures carry the total value of assets under management from Grayscale (AUM) to USD 2.2 billion

Most of the demand came from institutional investors, who accounted for 88 percent of the total investment in the quarter. Go deeper Grayscale He added that the vast majority of these institutional clients are hedge funds. In the second quarter of 2019, institutional investors were already the protagonists when it came to investing in corporate products.

The American blockchain network Solana Partnership with the South Korean payment platform Terra integrate stable currencies into your ecosystem dApp. Terra has the support of the Korean e-commerce giant TMON.

The alliance enables developers from the dApp Accept inexpensive and stable price payments with new token technology bridge. The manager of SolanaRaj Gokal said the association is expanding the platform’s capabilities:

By integrating stable currencies into our network, our goal is to drastically expand the design space for developers and open the door to new applications that require stable price payments.

Started in 2019, Solana It claims to have superior technology in terms of decentralization, security, and scalability (65,000 transactions per second).

The payment platform from Terra, CHAIhas a monthly active user base of over 1 million and the network has a daily transaction volume of around $ 3 million. The network will join the ecosystem of Solana Tokens can be burned from one string and pinched into the other via a low-latency bridge.

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