Roger Ver said the quarantine violates freedom; Porsche supports blockchain initiative: Courageous report states that Europe is failing in data protection. This and more.


Roger Ver: “I think the shutdown must end now“”

Roger See
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Cryptocurrency enthusiast and president of Bitcoin.comRoger Ver calls for an immediate end to detention. During a conference at the event Virtual blockchain weekSee the view that corona virus forced quarantine is a measure that violates economic and personal freedom.

I think the shutdown must end today. If you want to include yourself, more power for yourself, feel free to do it. But for the rest of us who want to live our lives, we should be able to..

The enthusiast of Bitcoin I continue to share your views on the debate on how human security can be reconciled with human freedom. In an interview too CointelegraphVer stressed that the policy of social distancing does not take into account the unintended consequences and claimed that the closure of the economy is more deadly than the virus.

When you’re locked up, you can’t go to work, you can’t live your life, you can’t go to the store, you can’t do the things that you have to do. It is absolutely not only related to economic freedom, but also to personal freedom in general.

According to Ver, there was no visibility for those people who died because they had no money, because they had no work. “”that they didn’t go to the doctor to get the exam that found the cancer, [o que] They had no money to pay for the high blood pressure medication, and then they had a stroke“”

The enthusiast’s comments coincided with President Donald Trump’s statement about the non-expansion of social distancing measures. The directive will be repealed after the U.S. has recorded 60,207 coronavirus deaths and 1,030,487 confirmed cases.

Porsche supports the blockchain initiative

The popular luxury car manufacturer, Porschesupports an initiative that will benefit Blockchain for vehicle management. As reported by the media Tech.eu, Porsche is one of the financial sponsors of Gaplessa begin based in Berlin, which has collected 5.5 million euros.

Gaplesscurrently manages more than 50,000 vehicles on its platform in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. His new goal is to develop an application that allows users to record the entire history of a vehicle. Other investors also included FinLab EOS VC Fund (a joint venture between FinLab y Block.one) and the German insurance company Kersten Jodexnis.

For his part, Porsche highlighted Cointelegraph that the recent investment is part of their effort to develop emerging technologies such as Blockchain. The goal is to learn about new use cases for a possible future implementation.

We evaluate and test various solutions based on blockchain. This technology can be a potential benefit for any trust-based interaction that requires a decentralized approach..

Alibaba develops blockchain system for music rights

AlibabaThe Chinese e-commerce giant plans to address one of the main problems facing the recording industry Blockchain. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office. USA On April 21, the company filed a patent for a copyright protection system for music.

How checked CoindeskThe system works through a validation node that is responsible for “Originality analysis”On a song by assessing how similar its melody, tempo and other factors such as lyrics and rhythm are to other songs in the library. The new method of musical analysis by Alibaba Blocking imitators could help, the company said.

The problem of copyright on musical works could also be solved with a universal mechanism, since music libraries around the world can act as distributed nodes. In this regard Alibaba wrote:

At the moment there is no platform on which similarity analyzes for musical works can be carried out to identify plagiarized or imitated songs..

Europe fails to protect privacy, says Brave

In a new report from the Internet browser BraveThe company affirmed that European countries would not take the appropriate measures to protect public data. The new report found that the measures of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was passed in 2018, are in danger of failing.

According to Brave “The governments of the EU member states have not provided the data protection authorities (DPA) with the tools they need to enforce the GDPR“” In this sense, the report highlighted the inefficiencies in compliance with protection by the authorities. To Bravethe situation responds to a lack of staff and insufficient funding.

Only five of the 28 national GDPR implementers in Europe have more than 10 technology specialists[…] Even if the allegations are clear, the data protection authority [autoridades de protección de datos] They are reluctant to use their powers against large technology companies because they cannot afford to legally defend their decisions against the legal firepower of “big tech”.

In this regard, Johnny Ryan, Director of Policy and Industrial Relations at Brave, commented: “When GDPR threatens to fail, it’s up to national governments, not data protection agencies, to blame.”.

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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