Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, criticized the US during the launch of TON Blockchain. Binance Charity starts PSA token Combat COVID-19 in New York. California proposes to change the law.


Founder of telegram calls the United States “Police state“”

The founder of telegramPavel Durov made critical comments on the US system, which he called “Police state“” In a publication entitled “Seven reasons not to move to Silicon Valley“Durov explains his reasons for believing that the United States is not a wealthy place to move or do business.

One of the founder’s arguments to uphold his criticism was based on the percentage of prisoners the North American country has. The number of prisoners in the United States is ten times higher than in Finland, Germany or the Netherlands.

Despite the country’s image of freedom, the United States is a tough police state that is a leader in the number of people detained.

Durov attacked other shortcomings in the national system, such as “inaccessible health care“, The quality of secondary education and high taxes.

telegram agrees to file documents with the SEC

Durov’s criticism comes in the middle Free TON community Start the Blockchain SOUND independently telegram and its founder. The initiative questions the prohibited mandate of the US Securities and Exchange Commission telegram Start the platform by doing this independently.

In the middle of it all telegram A declaration of consent was issued yesterday to provide communications reports and other documents requested by the SEC. The documents requested by the authority contain important information on the agreements concluded with the token investors Grams before May 20th.

Information is also provided “Assets paid to first-time buyers under purchase contracts and assets received from first-time buyers in connection with the termination of the purchase contracts“”

Binance Charity creates a token to “fight” COVID-19 in New York

Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of change Binanceannounced the creation of a Token based on Blockchain to help fight the pandemic in New York State. The currency called PSA token, It is a Stablecoin valued at USD $ 0.02. The goal of this asset is to track the delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE or EPP) to urban hospitals.

According to the media Financial magnateswho checked the news:

The PPE token uses blockchain technology to ensure that medical supplies such as masks and PSAs are at the forefront of targeting end-users, such as New York health workers, in the fight against COVID-19.

The initiative is the latest campaign Crypto against COVID, launched from the foundation of Binance to support during the pandemic.

The United States currently accounts for nearly a third of the total number of cases worldwide. While the state of New York was one of the most affected populations with 300,000 cases and 25,000 deaths.

California is proposing a law change for cryptocurrencies

A new law amendment from California, USA, provides for some digital assets to be exempt from the state securities law. The proposal was presented Tuesday this week and suggests that the “digital assets“The”probably not an investment contract“About the definition of security and all the regulatory implications that this label brings.

The most recent proposal is a change in legislation that was originally introduced by Leader Ian Calderón (D-57) in February this year. The project could help solve some of the common reasons for discussion in cases of ambiguity in the definition of cryptocurrencies by law. As well as the applicability of the “test howeyTo digital assets.

As it is read in the document of the legislative project:

The current law, the Corporate Securities Act of 1968, regulates the issuance of corporate securities and requires the qualification of an offer or sale of securities. And it provides for exceptions to qualifications for the Business Supervision Commissioner. Existing legislation defines a “security” as a promissory note, a share and, among other things, an investment contract.

This calculation would create an exception to the above definition by stating that a digital asset that meets the specified criteria is likely not a “security” investment contract. The draft law would make it possible to refute this presumption if an important reason was demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence from the Business Oversight Commissioner, as stated..

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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