In short: the number of Bitcoin whales reaches a new high. Binance adds fiat currencies from Colombia and Peru


The number of Bitcoin whales increased after two years and one whale moved 50,000 BTC. Travelex announced that it has paid hackers a ransom in Bitcoin to store their information. This and more.


The number of Bitcoin whales reaches a new high

The number of whales (Whales or bulk owner) of Bitcoin reaches new maximum than that cut in half from Bitcoin. This was the result of a recently published report by Glass knotwho emphasized that the number of “WhalesBTCs peaked in two years. Indeed, eAt this moment there are so many “Whales”(Or people who collect 1,000 or more bitcoins) at the end of 2017.

According to the report, the number of companies holding at least a thousand BTC is increasing despite the market crash. Before the market crash on March 12, the whale trend was on the rise and accelerated during and after the event. “”This suggests that the largest players in the market are building BTC and sending an optimistic signal.“Dictates the report.

The last time we saw this number of whales during a build-up phase was in early 2016. This pattern becomes interesting compared to the last halving event.

Bitcoin whales. Insights glass node image
“Whales” from Bitcoin. picture of Insights glass node

Whales move 50,000 bitcoins

In other current whale news Bitcointhis Thursday An important movement of a large number of the main cryptocurrency has been reported. After a Tweet from Whale alert, a group of crypto enthusiasts who are alerting to major movements in the market Bitcoin, an unknown wallet carried BTC 49,341 (around USD 360 million).

As the crypto market appears to be recovering from the collapse in mid-March, many people are optimistic about the whale movement. Despite the fact that it is not known whether the transaction is related to buying or selling, many users expressed optimism and predicted a possible rise in the currency.

Binance adds 5 new fiat currencies

The main cryptocurrency exchange, Binancecontinues to lead efforts to expand its trust portfolio. According to a report this Friday, the change It contains 5 new fiat currencies, including support for Colombian pesos and Peruvian soles.

The initiative will allow users You can now trade multiple digital assets in the currency Fiat from South Korea, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Peru via debit and credit cards. How detailed Financial magnatesthe new fiat currencies can be exchanged for four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin y Ripple); and two Stable coins, (Tether and BUSD).

The effort is part of vigorous expansion measures by the crypto exchange, which plans to add more than 180 fiat currencies by the end of this year. Recently Binance announced the purchase of the data service CoinMarketCap;; Announcement that came shortly after the launch of Binance card, the stock exchange’s Visa debit card, which enables payments Fiat with cryptocurrencies.

“”Blockchain is not secure for online voting“”

According to a recent report by the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS), technology Blockchain Not safe for online voting. In fact, the American Association was not optimistic about a remote voting mechanism. In an open letter to the governors, secretaries of state and election officers, the AAAS asked officials not to allow Internet voting in elections:

Internet voting is currently not a safe solution for voting in the United States or for the foreseeable future..

The association’s opinion has been extended to include all types of remote voting, including “E-mail, fax and web-based voting as well as voting via mobile apps“” The AAAS team was also vigorous about using blockchain technology for online voting registration.

When a blockchain architecture is used, serious questions about the content stored in it are raised. How blockchain is decrypted for public access and how voices are finally transferred to a kind of permanent paper data record. There is no scientific or technical evidence that an Internet voting system may or may not resolve these concerns..

The company pays hackers USD 2.3 million in BTC

TravelexThe UK-based bureau de change agency recently paid a ransom Bitcoins to regain computer access. As reported by several news media, the company carried out the rescue after its systems suffered a computer attack in December 2019.

The malware attack completely paralyzed the operation of Travelex during most of January; including internal public websites, applications, and networks that were found entirely offline. The company, which manages the world’s largest chain of shops and money exchange kiosks, said in a report that it did hacker a total of BTC 285. (At that time, the value of the bitcoins was USD 2.3 million).

The company’s decision was based on expert advice to ensure that regulators and partners were kept informed throughout the recovery process. While the British police are continuing to investigate the attack, some security experts have indicated that the company’s decision could make it a target for future attacks.

Source: Cointelegraph, Insights glass node, Financial magnates, Crypto-political, TNW

Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Image by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash


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