In short: The World Economic Forum recognizes the usefulness of blockchain during the COVID-19 pandemic


The World Economic Forum ensures that Blockchain can help improve supply chains during the pandemic, Bitfinex opens its programto take with three cryptocurrencies.


World Economic Forum recognizes the usefulness of Blockchain Pandemic because of COVID-19

The World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out in a blog post Blockchain and digitizing business models could be very useful to support supply chains, especially in the current pandemic situation due to COVID-19.

Emphasize the usefulness of Blockchain, Director of Digital Commerce at World economic forum, Ziyang Fan; and the company’s vice president Skuchain, Rebecca Lia pointed out that the pandemic has brought many companies into contact with how fragile supply chains can be under current practices, making the technology ideal for monitoring all phases of the process.

The representatives of the WEF y Skuchain detailed how Blockchain This would make the process more transparent without compromising the company’s privacy and would give broader access to important parts of the process, which in turn would allow the purchase of data from supplier supply chains and related entities.

Finally, they emphasized the importance of the historical moment that is lived internationally and how this situation can represent a space to explore the properties they offer Blockchain and digitization, disregarding paper documents and bureaucratic procedures, which depend primarily on the offices closed by the pandemic.

Bitfinex announces program Mark out For EOS, ATOM y VSYS

The exchange is known as the main operator of stablecoin Tether, Bitfinex, announced the start of a program Mark out for cryptocurrencies EOS, ATOM y VSYS, These guarantees would result in 10% of the annual return on the funds agreed in the guarantee.

With this new announcement, Bitfinex joins the group of exchanges that have already introduced this type of reward to promote greater acceptance and use of certain cryptocurrencies that are available on platforms such as Binance y Coinbase.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, This new reward program is designed to provide users with new mechanisms for making profits while promoting the launch of these and other cryptocurrencies in the coming months, with particular emphasis on the case of Tezos (XTZ) for which they will add support in May this year.

Regarding the new program Mark out, Users should only keep their money in a secure internal custody system that is activated by Bitfinex, with which they do not have to worry about the integrity of the assets.

CargoSmart, Tesla and Cosco will develop proof of concept with technology Blockchain

CargoSmart, the company’s digital address Orient Overseas Cointainer Line, announced an alliance with companies Tesla y Cosco for the development of a proof-of-concept using technology Blockchain Improve maritime supply chains.

According to data from Point telegraph, The aim of this new product would be to digitize the documentation processes, to shorten the times for the distribution and reception of freight at the various terminals and to reduce the number of bureaucratic procedures involved in the process.

In this regard, the managers of CargoSmart they commented:

The app will no doubt promote the digitization of processes in the shipping industry and the further optimization of global supply chains, which are currently facing various congestion problems.

The company also indicated that this would be a first step to further improve its applications and to conduct a larger number of pilot tests in different ports. However, the most ambitious step that would come in the future has to do with the creation of a consortium. Blockchain, who will try to join other companies in the sector and promote the adoption of these technologies.

North Korea uses cryptocurrencies to pay for imported goods

A report published by the analysis company Chain analysis He claims that the North Korean government is using a large cryptocurrency fund worth more than $ 1.5 billion to escape international sanctions to fund supply chains for product purchases.

This was stated by the director of international policy and regulatory affairs Chain analysis, Jesse Spiro, who pointed out that crypto funds flow through money laundering networks, bypass international controls, and do cross-border business.

In the past Chain analysis and other law enforcement agencies have published reports that North Korean hackers have been linked to thefts from various exchanges, particularly those in South Korea. The U.S. Department of Justice recently accused two Chinese citizens of legitimizing over $ 100 million in crypto funds that would be used to fund the North Korean government.

In addition, the reports detail that the North Korean government transfers the goods purchased on the high seas to its ships to avoid sanctions, thereby preventing suppliers from being affected by the sanctions. In this way, the country is supplied with products such as oil, coal and materials that are necessary for the development of ballistic missiles.

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