The team from TON Labs started a new network Blockchain on the initiative of Telegram; Study shows preference for Bitcoin between dark web users and more.


TON Labs announces the start of fork from the network VOLUME from telegram

The team from TON Labs, a company for the development of solutions with supported block technology telegram During the opening of the trial version of his decentralized network, the launch of was announced today “Free TON”, an alternative version (Fork) the Blockchain from VOLUME, precisely because of the regulatory obstacles and uncertainties associated with the main project.

According to information published by various news portals, this initiative is supported by 13 validators and works with much of the team at TON Labs and works with its own digital currency, called “TON Crystals”. The new network is already operational and has launched its own Genesis block, which in turn has an ideology that focuses on user freedom and a growing community.

In this regard, the CEO of TON Labs, Alexander Filatov assured that this initiative is an independent start to the plans of Telegram, The company will receive all of the technology company’s support for infrastructure and code level development and is expected to be very well received by the developer community interested in the original project. VOLUME.

At the moment the position is from telegram in relation to the announcement of TON Labs. So far the start of the token Grams and network VOLUME It will be suspended until the regulatory inconvenience that the company is facing due to fundraising for the project has been resolved. The company recently offered investors a refund of 75% of the capital invested or the option to repay more than 100% of the contribution if they continued to support the initiative through April 2021.

Report: Bitcoin It is still the currency of choice for Dark Web users. “

One by R.and Corporation revealed that Bitcoin It remains the currency of choice for traders operating on the dark web.

Originally, the study wanted to assess the benefits Dark Web merchants see in using ZCash, digital currency derived from Bitcoin with operational changes that place a strong emphasis on the privacy of the business. The report found that this currency did not appear to attract the attention of people interested in financial crimes, including money laundering, illegal property marketing, and terrorist financing.

Regarding the approaches mentioned above, those responsible for the study emphasized that around 59% of the companies surveyed mainly accept payments Bitcoin (BTC), followed by 27% who mainly work with Monero (XMR)while 12% items through payments with Ether (ETH).

The results work in one of the statements Europol in 2018, when they claimed that ISIS and other terrorist groups received funding from ZCash, This has been listed as an ideal mechanism for its properties related to the privacy of the business.

zoom announces takeover of Key base to strengthen your security

The platform that offers the ability to make video calls Zoom, announced the takeover of Keybase, the operating company of a directory of keys with cryptographic technology to improve the security of their services.

According to information published in a press release, the idea of ​​this alliance is to be delivered zoom with the experience of Key base when designing solutions in the security area. It should be noted that the company has worked with several companies in the digital currency and technology ecosystem in the past Blockchain, The work with the team from Stellar (XLM) for your airdrop campaign.

In this context, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoo, commented:

There are consistently encrypted communication platforms … others with easy to implement security … and others on a corporate scale. We believe that none currently offers all of this, and that’s what we want our users to incorporate into Zoom to ensure ease of use and scalability – all at the same time.

This step occurs weeks after many users report security breaches in the app. Zoom, This led to data theft and security obligations in the video conferencing provided by the company.

Former legal chief of HSBC, Stuart Levey becomes the new CEO of lb

The Libra Association, Company responsible for the direction and development of the new digital currency Facebook announced the incorporation of Stuart Levey, the former chief of law HSBC, as CEO to lead the project Libra.

This is indicated by several press portals that ensure that Levey leaves his position in HSBC to secure Facebook in planning, designing and aligning this initiative for a new digital currency that is currently facing major regulatory problems, particularly in the United States.

In this context, Levey commented:

I am honored to be part of the Libra Association as it proposes a very courageous way to promote the power of technology in transforming the payments industry. This will make it easier for people to send and receive money, while empowering more than a billion people outside the financial system and incorporating robust controls to detect illegal activity. I look forward to working closely with governments, regulators and many other stakeholders.

The board member of Libra Association and general partner of Andreessen HorowitzKatie Haun pointed out that the inclusion of Levey will be crucial for the development of the pound, as this will lead the project to an open, inclusive and well-functioning payment system that promotes the adoption of technology Blockchain and cryptocurrencies from millions of people who will test their benefits firsthand.

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