True joins the Content Monetizer Kitchen sink and provides connectivity through the protocol Interledger;; Atari and Litecoin Foundation they also unite; Aeternity with donations; Chinese Communist Party starts new crypto book


True joins the Content Monetizer Kitchen sink and it will offer connectivity Interledger

The digital money platform with transactions of more than USD 6 billion in 180 countries, Trueannounced its alliance today Kitchen sink, Web monetization platform that uses the protocol Interledger.

Now content creators around the world can choose True like your walletto collect and get access to more than 50 currencies right there, including 30 cryptocurrencies and six stable coinsas well as fiat currencies combined with bank connectivity in more than 34 countries.

Kitchen sink Helps creators monetize content in real time and offers their consumers a great experience. The provider is the first of many examples of using Interledger and a look at the next generation of web payments. The key to Interledgeraccording to the environment DeCryptis the ability to process payments worldwide in any digital system or fiat currency. With the integration, the global solvency of True will benefit from this functionality.

The content creators you selected True As a wallet provider, you also have access to your debit card Truethat delivers 2% of CryptoBack and 1% of CashBack (The terms culminated in the suffix ‘Back‘Refer to rewards in the form of platform returns) as well as instant access to payments received through the micropayment platform.

Atari and Litecoin Foundation come together to strengthen the gaming industry

The leader in the gaming industry for many years, Atari, announced that it was partnering with the Litecoin Foundation To use cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

The recent announcement of the Litecoin Foundation revealed that the club will cover several areas, including the Use of LTC on all gaming platforms within the ecosystem Atari. Greater acceptance in the gaming arena could lead to more use cases and profits for Litecoin.

The gaming giant has implemented its own Atari tokenand will mainly accept Litecoin as a payment method to purchase them. It is also used to get a discount on the highly anticipated new game console. Atari VCS.

LTC According to the news, the price rose slightly, although the profit at that time was largely at the level of the broader market.

Aeternity starts donating people to person for the crypto platform

The platform of Blockchain public open source Aeternity launched a social monetization tool on Wednesday. The same enables digital content creators to receive donations in cryptocurrencies without third party intervention.

This has been reported Financial magnatesand add that called the tool superherois a decentralized application (DApp) Available as an extension for internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave. It is also designed as Payment platform from person to person.

To send and receive donations, users must install the browser extension folder. Also available for mobile platforms iOS and Android, together with a widget that can be easily integrated into any blog or website.

Tipping can only be given for the native token AE from Aeternity. Users must purchase 5, 10, or 15 euros (5.5 to 16.47 USD) vouchers for tokens AE by PayPal, BitPay or JellySwap. Also supports Atomic swap to AE with major digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, DAI, USDC or Wrapped bitcoin.

Chinese Communist Party launches new book on cryptocurrencies

An educational institution, the Central School of Chinese Communist Party, which trains their officials, is released another book in its series “Blockchain“”.

According to the latest local press release, which in turn has been cited by the media CryptopotateThe authors of the book on cryptocurrencies include former vice presidents of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), of National Council of the Social Insurance Fund, of People’s Bank of China and other former senior officials such as the former president of the Construction bench in the country.

According to the message, The book deals with the nature and future of digital currencies. It also looks at the origin and history of money in relation to legal cryptocurrency regulations. In addition, some areas are examined, e.g. B. in connection with the exchange of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offers (ICO), Stable coins, etc.

The edition also includes a comparative analysis of multidimensional discussions and theoretical considerations, a systematic and practical approach, and the risks that arise from the different types of digital currencies and the proposed regulatory solutions.

The latest book on the subject comes as no real surprise given China’s proactive stance on technology based on Blockchain. However, it is also interesting that the country shows a greater interest in digital currencies.

Sources: DeCrypt, BeInCrypto, financial magnates, cryptopotato.

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

Image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


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