Warren Buffett assured that the price of Bitcoin it will fall when the traditional market stabilizes; Search related Halve in Google and more.


Warren Buffett: “When the market recovers, the ecosystem Bitcoin could fall “

Renowned traditional market investor Warren Buffett pointed out that the recovery of traditional markets could affect the ecosystem Bitcoin.

Buffett’s comments came from during the annual investors meeting Berkshire Hathaway, Here, the Magnat also took the opportunity to point out that a $ 137 billion fund would not represent a large amount of money if the stock market continued to adversely affect those who injected capital.

Although Buffett is not exactly a lover of digital currencies, his extensive career makes him a well-known person within the traditional ecosystem. After his business lunch with the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, the investor, affirmed that he did not have a digital currency, even though it had provided him with some funds Bitcoin y Tron, This opened the space to share praise for the technology underlying the payments made. Buffet did not change his mind and remains against it Bitcoin.

Buffett’s comments made up for the losses he saw on his investment firm Beskshire Hathaway, which saw a decrease of at least USD 49,746 million in the first quarter of this year due to the collapse in the US stock markets COVID-19.

The number of search queries is growing Google in connection with the Halve Bitcoin

Reports published by various digital news portals show the number of searches Halve Bitcoin in Google It continues to grow and even exceeds 400% of the number of inquiries on this topic in 2016.

This is indicated by the portals Cointelegraph y Be in cryptoThis reflects an increase in apparent interest in the subject, which has increased, particularly in recent weeks, due to the upcoming date for this reduction in the mining community reward range.

To Google Trends, The countries with the highest number of interested parties are Switzerland, Holland (Netherlands), Slovenia, Estonia and Austria, Nations that have friendlier legal positions on the crypto ecosystem.

This increasing interest in search queries related to the topic is also accompanied by an increase in the HASH values ​​available in the network. Bitcoin, This shows a clear interest from a major miners’ sector in deriving digital currency rewards before the programmed cut occurs, which would make this type of operation unprofitable for many owners of the equipment.

telegram Offers 72% Refund to U.S. Token Investors Grams

After the problems and inconvenience in the United States, the operating company has one of the most common messaging applications on smartphones Telegram, invited investors residing in the country to abandon the token creation project Grams and the network VOLUME, offers you a refund of 72% of the respective capital.

The proposal appears as an alternative for investors in the United States after the delays in the project, which can wait until April 2021 if this option is refused and apply for a refund equivalent to 110% of the application.

Originally telegram proposed to investors to return the corresponding capital in crypto funds either in Bitcoin or in the token GRAM, However, due to the strong litigation and uncertainty about the future of the project, executives decided to suspend this option and offer refunds in fiat money.

Just like in the case of Facebook, telegram In the United States in particular, the company faces severe regulatory problems when trying to launch its new token, which is intended to act as the digital currency for performing transactions through its messaging service. This would imply important legal inconveniences, particularly due to the lack of controls to avoid financial illegality related to the legitimation of capital and / or the financing of terrorist acts.

Russia has seen an increase in the volume of operations P2P for cryptocurrency trading

According to the research company CryptoDiffer, The volume of bitcoin trading in Russia saw a significant increase despite local regulatory restrictions on cryptocurrency trading.

According to the report by CryptoDiffer, what was done with data from LocalBitcoins, The country recorded 22% of the business volume activated on the platform in April this year, followed by Venezuela with 13% and the USA with 11%. The data reflect the keen interest of the country’s residents to purchase the digital currency through the platform. P2P, This gives the parties involved a degree of anonymity by allowing them to schedule fiat payments outside of the service.

Analysts affirm that actual figures may outperform the views in the report, even as platforms become more prevalent P2P supported by major stock exchanges worldwide. In this order of ideas is the increase in from Binance, The company recently launched a platform of this type to reach markets with a stricter legal framework for the commercialization of digital currencies.

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