Now YouTube, in his defense, responds to Brad Garlinghouse from Ripple, on the request that this be formulated yesterday; CoinMarketCap will use Gilted to offer crypto payments; Binance app in Africa.


YouTube replies to Ripple

YouTube responds to a lawsuit filed yesterday by Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who claims that the “deliberate inactivity“On the video sharing website, fraudsters can easily steal cryptocurrencies. The lawsuit seeks compensation for damage to the brand and the company’s reputation due to the inability to do so YouTube Stop fraudsters who pose as themselves Ripple and Garlinghouse.

This has been reported by the media The Daily Hodlciting an interview Garlinghouse gave to the host of Bloomberg technology Emily Chang. It says that fraudsters tried to rob people long before the coronavirus pandemic. However, he believes the pandemic has led to a significant increase in online fraud.

In response, add the medium YouTube They refute the idea that you are ignoring fraudulent activity in your room. That’s what the company says Efforts to monitor the platform have removed millions of suspicious videos.

Garlinghouse says he and his company decided to take action after they found this out YouTube It is least effective in responding to fraud reports.

CoinMarketCap will use Gilded Offer crypto payments and automate billing

The data platform CoinMarketCap announced that it will use Gilded, the American payment company Automate billing and offer customers crypto payment options.

According to the press release from Crypto briefingand after the recent acquisition of CoinMarketCap on the part of Binance, the Vice President of Operations and Growth for CoinMarketCapHe probably believes Spencer Yang CoinMarketCap attracted several new customers. By teaming up with GildedThese new customers can now issue cryptocurrency bills.

Gilded offers interested small and medium-sized companies the possibility to use payments in cryptocurrencies. The New Orleans-based team also enables companies to integrate with their accounting software. These properties have attracted one of the largest data platforms, CoinMarketCap.

To Crypto briefing, the association between Gilded y CoinMarketCap offers a unique case study on the introduction of cryptocurrencies. And he adds that offering traditional and crypto payment options can allow new users to seamlessly interact for the first time Bitcoin.

Payment application started Binance bundle in Africa

The world’s leading crypto exchange by transaction volume and users, Binancehas a new application for social payments in Africa called “bunch“” The app allows users to send and receive cash, buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies.

When launched on the African market, the fiat currency is supported as the Nigerian Naira (NGN), and the supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB). Binance bundlethat as an independent unit of Binance, raised USD $ 450,000 from Binance last September in a round of pre-seed funding.

Binance said that “many more“Fiat currencies would be compatible”In the coming weeks“” bunch You can process transactions using cards and bank transfers as well as mobile money. Its goal is to support more than 30 African countries by the end of the year.great application“, Which would be widespread in Africa and around the world.

Social payments seem to be a growing trend in the crypto space. Only yesterday, as reported DailyBitcoin, Dharma, a credit platform peer to peer based on Ethereumlaunched a similar initiative. Dharma Now users can send dollars to any account Twitter.

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