A blockchain law aims to build a national biodefense network during the Covid 19 pandemic in the U.S. by introducing a medical supplement tracking system for strategic networks

The bill, was introduced on April 23 by the American Congressman Stephen Lynch from Massachusettswhere a National Biodefense Network in an Emergencyvia a system based on a private blockchain.

The The blockchain network monitors the distribution of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and other required medical devices during the Covid-19 pandemicand after report from Cointelegraphthe technology will also monitor the availability of supplies in the National Strategic Reserves (SNS). The proposal proposes a budget of $ 25 million for the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years.

In later statements by the Congresswoman Lynch highlighted the importance of the blockchain network during the pandemic, and these are primarily healthcare providers were forced to work without adequate equipment or supplies, so The blockchain system enables the status and the biological defense capacity to be checked in real time. Lynch said:

If states have asked the SNS for help, their requests have unfortunately remained unanswered. We rely on the SNS to supplement government reserves for biological defense goods and equipment, and on the H.R. 6607 will ensure that the SNS is ready to respond to future crises

In the report, Congress states that the National Biodefense Network in an Emergency is developed and implemented Use a private blockchain network, where the Inventory tracking and delivery movement in the states.

Blockchain protagonist during the pandemic

The during the Covid-19was an impulse so that blockchain technology finds its way into the consideration of companies and governments, to fight the pandemic and facilitate processes. Without going too far United States Congress, Blockchain technology has entered among the proposals for the legislative voting system as an alternative measure before face-to-face meetings.

Recently in South Korea be announced that the hospitals of the Medica Eunsung Foundation will develop a blockchain platform together with the company MediBloc. This platform Enable secure online medical careBuilding a system from Hospital medical information (EHR) next generation and the system Personal Care Record (PHR) based on blockchain.

Likewise the government of the United States, pointed out What Blockchain can be useful for tracking drones that carry medical devices, so that everyone involved in the process You could know the status of the drone while traveling, Anticipate a failure and know the status of medical care carried by unmanned ships.

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