The account from which the 50 moved BTC There have been no activities since 2009. The question remains whether it is Satoshi Nakamoto or one of the experts for the project at an early stage.


A message posted by the account of Twitter @Whale_alert informs community members about a transaction Bitcoin This caused a sensation because these funds were located at an address where no movements had been registered since 2009.

According to data from @Whale_alert, The transaction took place on the morning of May 20 and May 40 BTC (valued at approximately USD $ 391,050) they went to another unknown address.

Both account @Whale_alert Many Bitcoin community enthusiasts believe that the address from which the transaction was made could be linked to the creator of the digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, as these funds date back to 2009 and at that time only very much few knew about the project. to create the cryptocurrency.

Controversy around the 50s BTC since 2009 has now moved

According to the Block Explorer Blockchain.com, The address at which the funds were hosted received a total of 50 BTC on February 9, 2009 at 2:55 p.m. (New York time). It is advisable to take into account that the White paper from the project Bitcoin It was officially released on October 31, 2008, so these assets were wound up three months later and have remained motionless to date.

Transaction data from the original account. Image from Blockchain.com

In this regard, the community has not waited and some users have posted and commented on some comments that mock the event Maybe after 10 years someone had to pay their bills or a lucky man found an abandoned USB stick with a fortune.

It is not about Satoshi Nakamoto

While there are doubts about the owners of the funds, User Zack Voell (@Zackvoell) secured by your account Twitter It could not be the same Satoshi Nakamoto, as the assets would not be linked to those that originally belonged to the creator of the digital currency.

In this context, Voell supports his statements, citing an investigation that is reflected on the portal Satoshiblocks.info, in which they describe the pattern in detail BTC generated based on the creator of the digital currency that does not match BTC related to these recent broadcasts.

For now, however There is no certainty about the identity of the owners of the respective funds. For some, the question remains whether it is the same Satoshi Nakamoto or someone who is familiar with the project in its early operating phase.

Falling prices Bitcoin

Another remarkable aspect is that transfer this BTC coincides with a drop in digital currency prices in the past few hours, which was quoted at approximately $ 9,463 per unit at the time of publication and has lost more than 2.26% of its value in the past 24 hours.

The fall in the price of the digital currency appears to be linked to a significant recovery in daily trading volume, which has increased by more than USD 5 billion since the moment of the decline and stands at 1:44 p.m. (modern times). York) at around USD 35,476 million.

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With information from Twitter and Blockchain.com

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