Twitter is a cradle of really interesting interactions, especially on controversial or debating issues like Bitcoin, and we’ve recently seen a question from Harry Potter writer JK Rowling sparked the conversation on Twitter, where even Elon Musk wanted to take part

«I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me “. Certainly at the time of sending this message through your profile Twitter, the creator of the famous Harry Potter saga, J.K. Rowling, he didn’t think he would have that Number of answers and implications of a simple question, an avalanche of messages that was overwhelming for the writer.

Rowling sent the question as reply to a Interview between journalist Leigh Cuen and Marvin Ammoriand ask for an explanation, which we certainly hear a lot from people who don’t understand much about it Crypto, blockchain and bitcoin world. And if I wanted one Explanation of what Bitcoin isThey were not lacking, and many messages tried to illustrate the writer.

From famous people, members of the crypto industry to users of Twitterthey took part and tried to give “an answer”to Rowling. Some used Terms such as financial freedom, explanations of distrust of banks and more technical aspects of their business, completely flooded the author ‘s mentions of Harry Potter.

Of course, try to explain that Bitcoin With Terms related to the popular book and film sagaHe did not wait, a form that some considered to facilitate the understanding of the author. The account of Bitcoinfor example said Wizards still have to trust Gringotts Bank. Bitcoin fixes that ».

Some like Bitcoin Magazinethey were more vivid in their examples: Imagine Voldemort couldn’t infiltrate the Ministry of Magic, Harry couldn’t break into the Gringotts Bank, and house elves could interact with the wizarding world with just one internet connection.«.

Of course Dobby could not be missing in the examples with Dogetoshi Saying: Do you remember when Dobby was released from a sock? Bitcoin is this sock ».

Characters from the crypto industry were also involved in the task of illustrating the meaning of Bitcoin for rowlingas in the case of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterinwho defined the cryptocurrency as «A digital currency. There are 18 million units. Nothing supports it, it’s only valuable because it’s like collectibles »and added in the following messages:

There is a computer network (which anyone can join) that maintains a decentralized global Excel spreadsheet with each person’s currencies. (…) People find it interesting because there is no central authority that controls this network. There is not a single group of people who can simply spend more units on their friends or manipulate their rules for political reasons (…) Basically global digital Payments as well as the reservation of valuable gold real estate, all with 21st century crypto technology, to keep everything running smoothly

Musk participates and reveals how many bitcoins he has

The answers were overwhelming Rowlingwho didn’t understand very well what was happening, but the discussion got bigger than that popular billionaire businessman, Tesla CEO Elon Muskeverything seemed to simplify and care for them Compared to the massive question of whether central banks make money from governments, Bitcoin is seen as solid money.

Then musk also simplified for all doubts as to whether you have Bitcoin and how much you own to make sure you barely have 0.25 BTC, something About $ 2,300at the time of this release.

It is not clear whether JK Rowling He got the answer he wanted amidst a sea of ​​information, jokes and hatred that pretty well describes what an ordinary day would look like Twitter, but that’s for sure that it created a pretty interesting conversation on the social platform. I rather think that we can ensure that JK Rowling I still do not understand Bitcoinand the truth cannot be blamed.

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