The pandemic due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing worldwide: 3.25 million infections, 231,000 deaths and more than a million recovered diseases are part of the latest statistics on the disease.

The consequences are not only health, but also the economic and other areas of human activity. The truth is that everyone is talking about the corona virus because it affects everyone in some way. That’s why Several thematic tokens were created around COVID-19But strangely, they’re not the only ones that exist about viruses and diseases.

Next, we’re going to hit 5 cryptocurrencies whose topics are epidemic, so to speak.


Yes, there is such a token. And no, it was not created during our pandemic 2020, but much earlier, in September 2018. This strange cryptocurrency presents itself (and threatens) by itself:

“The real threat always comes unexpectedly. The pandemic has already started and is impossible to stop. This time the virus is different, somewhat rational. It allows some people to survive, it makes them stronger, but on one condition: they have to spread the infection. Nobody knows the real reasons for the pandemic, but its allies benefit from those who have disobeyed and who have disappeared into a violent epidemic. “

If this sounds like a 2020 prophecy, you may even be right. Although before you start to think alarmed that Umbrella Corporation has arrived in the form of cryptocurrency, the truth is that pandemic is just a game. Although unusual uses master nodes that must represent viruses, Bacteria and parasites that spread all over the world. According to the developers, they have nothing to do with the new corona virus … right?

The price of the pandemic (PNDM) is only $ 0.000008 and its capitalization is uncertain. However, it can be found on the Graviex and CryptoBridge exchanges.

Token virus

This ERC-20 token describes itself as “the most infected token” and a social experiment with no value other than curiosity and entertainment. It was created on Ethereum

In this context, the developers comment on the official site:

“You get completely useless tokens created by the token generator. There are no technical documents, products or experts here. (…) Virus Token was created to show investors how useless all tokens created due to the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic are. Don’t waste your money on cryptocurrencies through the corona virus. Take ours for free. “

In this regard, VIRUSES could also be seen as a social criticism. And in fact it is true, because now it has no monetary value; However, those who receive it are asked to send it to other addresses. Just like an infection.


This time the cryptocurrency is not about physical, but virtual viruses. MalwareChain (MALW) was created as a PIVX-based PoS blockchain (Proof of Participation) with the main goal of becoming a kind of decentralized antivirus.

His timing was almost perfect: the start was on December 19, 2019, Just as the COVID-19 pandemic spread in Wuhan, China. Since then, it has promised to involve all users in the search and detection of new cyber threats and to offer the masters of the network the appropriate rewards.

It may not seem very useful against physical illnesses, but since many hackers and fraudsters have not stopped using the pandemic to design thematic attacks, a good computer antivirus never does any harm.

MALW costs about $ 0.15 per token and is available on the Crex24 and Probit exchanges.


Maybe cryptocurrencies are just signs of what we want, or at least they are. We all want the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine to be released soon, but it will be a few months before it arrives. Can we console ourselves in the meantime? with this ERC-20 token VaccinaCoin (SERUM).

Although the truth has its purpose It not only pretends to already have a vaccine, but also supports its development financially. More specifically, its website (currently under maintenance) states:

“VaccinaCoin supports Moderna in vaccine design. For this, Moderna used technologies in which genetic information is added to nanoparticles. In this case, the company added genetic instructions for the “spike” protein with which the virus fuses and enters human cells. When injected into a person, nanoparticles like these can cause the body to be immunized against the actual infection. “

We don’t know if everything this website says about the token is true, but at least Modern is seriously trying to make its own vaccine against COVID-19. However, we doubt that he needs the support of a simple token: on April 16, a U.S. government agency granted him $ 483 million to accelerate the development of his potential vaccine.

In all cases, the price of the SERUM on decentralized exchanges such as Bamboo Relay, Fork Delta and Saturn Network is around $ 0.0035.


This is probably the most notorious and popular virus cryptocurrency, so we couldn’t stop mentioning it. It naturally arises this year as a result of the pandemic of COVID-19.

The most striking thing about this ERC-20 token is how it works. The initial supply was 7,604,953,650 to represent the entire human population on the planet. Then units were burned because infections and deaths occurred every 48 hours; with the intention of both explaining the pandemic and increasing the value of the token. They called this system “Death Proof” (PoD).

It must be made clear that there were also two identical CoronaCoin. The first one had the NCOV ticker, while the second one changed its ticker to COVID. The NCOV page is no longer available, but it was practically the same as now at COVID.

The only difference seems to be the source and the period in which the deaths were counted. NCOV did this every 48 hours through TheWuhanVirus.com. COVID does this every seven days with data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Despite the fact that many have viewed this sign as too black in humor, its developers affirm that its primary purpose is charity. With that in mind, they reserved a billion COVIDs for donations to hospitals and organizations after converting them to fiat currency.

In addition, they mention that it is “fun” because users can play some video games that earn them more tokens and can be distracted during quarantine. COVID is currently no more than $ 0.000032 and is traded on the Saturn Network and Bamboo Relay.

Token in times of pandemic

It must be said that in addition to the above, there are at least four other thematic tokens on COVID-19. But as the developers of the Virus Token rightly said, most of them are not very useful to say, even with good intentions.

On the other hand That doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies are useless at these times. In fact, the Italian, Dutch and American Red Cross accept cryptocurrencies as a donation method. Similarly, companies like the Binance exchange have played their part in donating large amounts to hospitals and medical organizations.

Another way tokens can be useful is how it happened in the Bitcoin

Similarly, many people try to switch to teleworking with cryptocurrencies to survive. And these types of blockchain jobs are increasing worldwide. Everything indicates that cryptocurrencies will continue to help us even in the most difficult times.

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