Latin America News: In Chile, DeliveryProvi offers the delivery of food with Bitcoin. new crypto ATM in Peru


Entrepreneurship in Chile DeliveryProvi Offers food delivery with Bitcoin during Coronavirus quarantine; DAI can now be traded on Bitso. This and more in the news of the week.


This week among the highlights of the crypto ecosystem and Blockchain In Latin America, a company in Chile offers food distribution Bitcoin.

In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the events of the crypto enthusiast community in the region didn’t stop. The exchange is now Binance announced a series of free virtual events aimed specifically at users in the Spanish-speaking community.

In the same week, the crypto exchange announced the inclusion of 5 fiat currencies, including the Colombian peso and the Peruvian sol.

Also the National Association of Cryptocurrencies (Asonacrip) of Venezuela announced a comprehensive proposal to deal with the Covid-19 in the country by using the Token government Petro.

DeliveryProvi offers the delivery of food with Bitcoin

In Chile, a group of entrepreneurs offers a service delivery of fruits, vegetables and other foods with the option to pay with cryptocurrencies. In the midst of the current Covid 19 pandemic crisis, home delivery services for food and groceries are turning into value alternatives.

In this sense it is DeliveryProvi It offers to send groceries home to different areas of the Chilean capital. The Chilean initiative is active in six municipalities in the metropolitan region: Las Condes, La Reina, ñuñoa, Santiago Centro, Vitacura and Providencia and offers a wide range of healthy products. Including a variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts, oats, quinoa, whole grain bread and much more.

The best thing is that the initiative offers Bitcoin as one of your payment alternatives for the service delivery in addition to traditional channels. Interested parties can contact the initiative via their website. Instagram or Whatsapp.

DailyBitcoin He had the opportunity to speak to Jorge Dupré, the founder of the initiative, who announced that the team currently serves 150 families. several of which have already paid in cryptocurrency. In addition, Dupré added that they are currently focused on contributing to the community and are expanding their service with additional products such as toiletries and seafood.

The advantage of @DeliveryProvi is that we prevent people from leaving during the quarantine. The idea is to stay at home and that employees can also save all the time they spend in queues of up to 2 hours in the supermarket.

With DeliveryProvi you can buy with Bitcoin. Image from the web

New ATM Bitcoin in Peru

A new ATM was installed for in March Bitcoin in Peruvian territory. This was the result of a recently published report by Coin operated radar As a result, 5% of teams worldwide grew in March.

Amid the pandemic and the recovery of the crypto market from a sharp downturn, the number of crypto ATMs continues to increase. According to the report, 381 ATMs were installed in March Bitcoinfrom 7,000 to 7,381 worldwide. The enterprise CoinCloud topped the list of operators who installed most ATMs with 101 new regulations.

The United States led the list of countries that had new teams. In Latin America, only Peru and Panama registered the installation of ATMs with a team in each country.

Brazil postpones the date for the tax return

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Brazilian tax authorities have postponed the date for the tax return. As a result, the deadline for submitting the 2020 return is April 30 through June 30, a measure that also applies This applies to those who declare operations with digital assets.

Federal Income Secretary José Tostes Neto announced Wednesday that the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Return (IRPF) would be extended. This was reported by the local Globo G1 media, citing the secretary:

This period expires on April 30th and will be extended for delivery on June 30th. Hence the two-month extension of the delivery time for individuals.

According to the Brazilian government, around 32 million taxpayers are expected to make the declaration this year.

Bitso adds stablecoin DAI

Bitso, the crypto change The most important in Mexico that was recently announced to add a new digital asset to its list. According to a company statement, Bitso added stablecoin DAI to their portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies.

The initiative now enables users of Bitso You can exchange DAI with Mexican Pesos (MXN) and Bitcoin (BTC) in their markets. The DAI token from Manufactureris the first access to decentralized financial products Bitso. Regarding the Gabriela Belden initiative, Marketing manager from Bitso, highlighted in the statement:

Decentralized financial assets have revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry for all of the new alternatives they offer. Especially with DAI, our users have the opportunity to save and make payments when buying goods and services … Options like DAI surprise us because they democratize financial services that not everyone has access to.

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Main image from Pixabay


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