Three Latin American startups complete the UNICEF Innovation Fund; Argentine institute awards blockchain diplomas; Puerto Rico is changing its tax system. Will it affect the dynamics of the crypto sector? This and more.


This week among the highlights of the crypto ecosystem and Blockchain four projects are based in Latin America Blockchain Regionals were finalists for participation in the Accelerator program Zeal camp.

Valiua begin of transfers based in Colombia plans to introduce a “Crypto dollar“Supported by Bitcoin to offer Venezuelans an alternative to valuables. In Argentina, the central bank is working with IOV Labs to test the technology. Blockchain to set up a system for interbank communication.

In an unprecedented event, the oil price fell below USD 1 this week. However, it has been shown that the price of Petro, the Venezuelan government’s cryptocurrency, appears to be trading regardless of crude oil value.

The Argentine Institute awards diplomas in Blockchain

The Buenos Aires Technological Institute (ITBA) started delivering certified titles on one platform Blockchain in all their diplomas. This has been reported by the local media AboutChalkwhereas the system provides greater transparency, traceability and immutability for academic information.

It would also rationalize the institution’s administrative procedures. Regarding the initiative, Sebastián Mur, Dean of the ITBA School of Innovation, told the media:

We are working on digitizing all processes at the university. This novelty helps the students to prove their knowledge and us to have validated certificatess.

The Argentine institute is now joining a long list of academic centers in Latin America and the world that have adopted degrees technology. It is in the region National University of Colombia and the EAN university are some who have taken this initiative.

Startups Graduated from the Innovation Fund of UNICEF

Three Startups Latin American Graduates This Week from the Innovation Fund of UNICEF. Prescrypto y Os Cityfrom Mexico and Atix Labs from Argentina completed together with three other projects from India, Tunisia and Bangladesh.

At the beginning of this year Ethereum Classic Labs and the UNICEF Innovation Fund have teamed up to develop solutions based on Blockchain. Now the six projects that were part of the program shared their progress.

From Mexico, Prescrypto, a solution for electronic medical prescriptions, processed 12,000 prescriptions and entered into an agreement with a large pharmaceutical laboratory to implement the tool. From the same country Os City, issued 10,000 certificates in the Blockchainand reaches a population of 650,000 in Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.

Finally the project Atix Labs, de Argentina, a platform for small and medium-sized companies to gain access to finance, has linked three companies with investors for a total financing of USD 115,000. As part of the degree UNICEF works with other organizations to accelerate, finance or implement the solutions they develop Startups regional.

Telefónica look for initiatives Blockchain

While many regional projects are looking for funding, the company is accelerating Telefónica wants to accelerate initiatives Blockchain from Latin America. Wayra, the accelerator pedal Startups from Telefónica, Look for advanced projects with innovative solutions for the telecommunications sector.

The projects they use must be dedicated to solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, financial technologies, Blockchain and more. The projects selected for participation in the program can receive funding of up to EUR 250,000.

In this context, Agustín Rotondo, Regional Manager of Wayra for Argentina, Chile and Peru he commented, quoted by iProUp::

The company is focused on driving the growth and scale of technology startups with Telefónica’s customers and will continue to drive activation programs. With this in mind, we hope to launch our “Blockchain Activation Program” in which we look for startups in the industry and give them the opportunity to connect to our blockchain platform..

Puerto Rico is changing tax measures

Puerto Rico’s governor, Wanda Vázquez, signed a new law that increases the annual rate associated with tax incentives for entrepreneurs in the country. Depending on the medium DecryptThe move could prove costly to investors and entrepreneurs of crypto ecosystems who take advantage of favorable tax incentives.

The new law 40-2020 changes the rules for tax incentives for new residents. Previously, investors who came to the island and applied for these incentives had to pay an annual fee of $ 300. The new law increases this annual fee to $ 5,000.

The Puerto Rican government’s new measure, which could be promoted due to the economic deficiencies caused by the corona virus, hopes to generate $ 11.9 million with the latest rate hike. In the past, ecosystem enthusiasts like Peter Shiff spoke optimistically about the island’s potential to start businesses in this sector.

It remains to be seen whether the change in the tax system will actually have a negative impact on the growth of the local crypto ecosystem.

Source: AboutChalk, UNICEF, iProUp, Decrypt

Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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