Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo is withdrawing to focus on the cryptocurrency business in question. Binance Donates $ 1 Million to Puerto Rico; Colombia and Argentina promote virtual blockchain conferences. This and more.


This week among the most popular news in the crypto space and Blockchain in Latin America. In Venezuela, the government announced an increase in minimum wages amid unprecedented hyperinflation, a measure that has affected the economy over the years Bitcoin. DailyBitcoin It turned out that the average number of years of work – with a minimum wage – is one and a half to four years in Latin America, whereas in Venezuela 170 years of work would be required to acquire just one.

Nevertheless, Venezuela set a new record for trade volume in LocalBitcoins. Mexico and other countries in the region have also repeated this trend. A new report from a cyber security company found that 35,000 computers in Latin America were infected with Monero mining viruses.

A new one in Cuba change open operations with Bitcoin despite the restrictions. DailyBitcoin spoke only to the creator of the new exchange Qbita.

Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo will dedicate himself to the cryptocurrency business in question

Fernando Carrillo, the Venezuelan actor, known for soap operas as “Maria Isabel“And”RosalindaIn a recent interview, he announced that he would withdraw from trading to track cryptocurrencies. This has been reported by the media The universal in Mexico, the country where the author has spent much of his career.

According to the media, the 54-year-old author positions himself as the new CEO of Fight for glory a crypto company in Latin America with a dubious reputation, according to the authorities. To sum up Fight for gloryis the company of Chinese investor Shi Jianxiang and the issuer of FF token. In the past Jianxiang has received allegations of fraud and illegal donation crimes. According to a report from last year by The Wall Street Journalis “one of the most wanted men in China“”

The alleged crypto project, Struggle for glory, It was also allegedly founded by professional boxer Mike Tyson. However, the athlete contested his relationship with the project last year. A report from Cointelligence, noticed that Jianxiang Shi (also known as Morgan Shi) is searched by Interpoland described as “total fraudTo Fight for glory and his Token.

Still, during the interview, Carrillo was quite excited about participating in the project, which is now expanding in the region. He also rejected the allegations against Jianxiang, which he called “A heterosexual person who brought me a lot of knowledge and wealth. I really believe in what he does“”

Colombia launches blockchain education program

In Colombia, the General Secretariat of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá starts an educational program on topics such as digital competence, digital citizenship, teleworking and digital marketing. The program is called Learn Bogotá ICT, will provide basic knowledge of various areas of technology, including Blockchain.

The content of the program is classified in such a way that it offers content from elementary to intermediate level. Any citizen over the age of 14 can participate. Likewise, a total of 16 educational content from the various technology areas is available virtually and completely free of charge.

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá provides Bogotá citizens with completely free virtual content, themed on innovation and part of the country’s present and future ICT.

The Argentine ministry supports technological conferences

Similarly, the Argentine Ministry of Science and Technology announced this week to further promote technology education amidst the quarantine. The body runs a cycle called “Science and technology at home“As well as online seminars on the most outstanding projects of the ideas laboratory COVIDLab Cordoba.

Among the upcoming virtual events organized by the Argentine ministry are various topics like that Design thinking, Smart cities and technology Blockchain. In addition to the different relationships and applications of technologies for the current pandemic crisis.

We are transforming our wandering science program, which brings this knowledge to the entire province, into a scientific proposal at home to contribute to isolation.

We propose virtual activities in which we present the work of scientists, entrepreneurs, incubators and technology specialists in general. We saw an impact on supply and demand, so we had to double the number of calls.

If you want to take part in virtual events, you can access mincyt.cba.gov.ar.

Binance will donate $ 1 million to help Puerto Rico fight COVID-19

This week the philanthropic arm of exchange Binance announced that it would support several Caribbean countries in the fight against the pandemic. The Foundation Binance Charitythrough his campaign Crypto against COVIDwill donate nearly $ 1 million to support COVID-19’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Integro Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico, has joined forces Binance invest in the region. The funds will be used to provide medical care to hospitals, the medical community and paramedics in Puerto Rico and the neighboring Caribbean Islands with PSA.

Recent efforts have followed a number of initiatives from the creation of Binance to support various countries around the world in the fight against the corona virus.

Sources: The universal, voice, BeingCrypto, GlobeNewsWire

Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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