Checkout.com joins the Libra Association on Facebook. Tether spent nearly USD 1.5 billion in April. DeFi protocol, dForce refunded its users after hacking. This and more.


Checkout.com joins the Libra Association

cashboxThe UK-based payment processor today joined the Libra Association, the group of companies behind the crypto project from Facebook.

In an official statement, Guillaume Pousaz, the CEO of cashbox, commented that the company has always felt “fascinated by Blockchain and the potential benefits it could bring to global transaction processing“” The company is the first of its kind to join the project from Facebook after that Mastercard, visa y Stripes You retired from the club last year.

Earlier this month, in response to concerns from financial regulators, Facebook announced a restructuring of the crypto project. It is now planned to fill several Stable coins supported by fiat coins. S.However, it is unclear whether the project will pass the regulatory test. To cashbox This situation did not go unnoticed given the statements in the statement:

… We firmly believe that regulation should be an integral part of any resulting framework, as it can uniquely protect the ecosystem from systemic abuse. Without such regulation, we generally believe that technological advancement alone cannot provide the secure and stable payment infrastructure needed to drive mass adoption and hinder its progress. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to defend these views by joining the Libra Association..

dPower refunds its users after hacking

After the piracy attack of the decentralized financial protocol (DeFi) dForce, The platform compensated the victims last week.

In summary, a hacker stole money on April 19 Bitcoin y ether The project is estimated to be at least $ 25 million dPowera log DeFi based in China. In a strange turn of events, the attacker decided to return the money 48 hours later because his identity would have been revealed by Singapore investigators who had identified his team’s IP address.

Now the project is returning funds to its rightful owners, it announced. dPower in a tweet this Tuesday. In the meantime, refund requests will be processed based on availability. To access the compensation, platform users must request withdrawals by logging into “Asset recovery system“”

Samsung Add decentralized TRON apps

Samsung offers support for decentralized applications (dapps) based on Tron to your mobile business Galaxy Store. This was reported on Tuesday by various news media. The new function enables users of Samsung in Europe and the United States interact with the Blockchain TRON.

Now thousands of smartphone and tablet users Samsung You could download these dapps from a special area of ​​the Galaxy Store. For its part, the company reported that blockchain games like Blockchain cuties y Awesome player, will be available in the store soon. More dapps will be added in the near future.

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun noticed the collaboration with Samsung pointed “to the next level by integrating both ecosystems“” The founder also emphasized that integrating dapps into one of the largest application stores in the world is a “incredible opportunitySo that the ecosystem Tron.

Samsung, one of the companies of Smartphones The world’s largest company, with sales of more than 295 million computers in 2019, has driven application integration Blockchain. The company started last year Blockchain Keystore, a Application to give users control over their private keys. And this year the model came out Galaxy 20which contains a new processor to protect the keys Blockchain.

rope Reprinted $ 1.5 billion in April

According to various reports, the Stablecoin rope (USDT) issues new currencies at an accelerated rate. April only, rope It added nearly USD 1.5 billion, which caused a massive influx of coins to the market last month.

The following data from BeingCrypto, the massive pressure of units of rope The balance has increased historically and is now $ 7.4 billion. According to this medium rope It has had to print about $ 40 million a day to reach that number, and it seems to be accelerating further.

Yesterday whale alarm, a popular report from Twitter What announces remarkable supply movements within the cryptocurrency market, the reported rope spent more coins. In a period of 30 minutesAlmost 130 million coins were printed (approximately $ 129 million). Another 50,000,000 USDT has been announced today.

Despite the fact that various media have reported increasing market demand for Stable coins In recent months, other currencies of this type do not appear to have led to such accelerated efforts to issue new tokens. Many enthusiasts and analysts interpret the USDT problem as a possible indicator of the bullish or bearish trend that it will take. Bitcoinespecially with the event of Halve in so few days.

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Annotation by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin


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