Max Keizer: Bitcoin will be our lifeguard


Yesterday there was a conversation between Max Keizer and Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of Where it was concluded that in the midst of the struggle we are witnessing in the global economy in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic, Bitcoin will be our lifesaver.

It is important to remember that the violent advance of COVID-19 has created a large imbalance in the global economy. This has raised concerns about the stability of the international monetary system.

We are facing a global restart of the financial system

Governments are doing everything necessary to alleviate the pandemic crisis. At some point, however, the financial crisis becomes a reality, Dixon says.

In Dixon’s opinion, the health aspect of the crisis will not be the worst at all.

“I don’t want to be dramatic, but this is a global restart of the financial system.”

Simon Dixon informed Max Keizer.

And that’s not all. The expert says central banks will let traditional banks die. Dixon explains that the reason for this is as follows “We will inevitably experience the enormous consequences of what is essentially the largest regulated ponzi system in the world, known as fiat currency and banking.”

In this way, Dixon predicts that governments and central banks will create their own digital currencies, which will essentially allow them to fail traditional banks without losing money.

“They will enable banks to fail without people losing their money by giving them the ability to open a wallet at the central bank if they have $ 10,000 in their account.”

Simon Dixon.

The problem is that, according to Dixon, it will be a new and worse version of the fiat currency that we now have as it is created by banks as debt.

Bitcoin is our lifesaver?

Max Keizer predicted on March 31 that the pandemic will lead billionaires to seek refuge in gold. The only alternative will be Bitcoin (BTC). This ensures that people buy Bitcoin in bulk.

“I predict, and this is not only the newest use case, but also the latest irony that once they find they can’t get gold, people will start to flock to Bitcoin.”

Max Keizer in his news program Keizer Report.

Keizer actually compared gold to “toilet paper for the rich”. He also published a tweet on April 5 stating: “I have a moral responsibility to maintain my 2011 #BTC HODL’ed.”

In this way, Bitcoin (BTC) appears to be the best lifeguard that we can achieve in the coming crisis.


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