Mother’s Day DailyBitcoin presents two cases of mothers within the crypto-ecosystem who are developing and enjoying motherhood.


Digital currencies and technology Blockchain They offered great opportunities to all types of people, especially those who are attracted to the economic opportunities and freedoms that come from managing working hours.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries, a date specially designed to celebrate the work of many women for future generations.

Hence within the framework of this day DailyBitcoin presents the story of two Latin American cryptomothers, the They saw the digital currency ecosystem as a good opportunity for economic growth that also allows them to share more with their children.

The story of G. Martina Morales

The first testimony of cryptomothers is shared by G. Martina Morales, mother of a 5-year-old boy from Santiago de Chile, who is currently trading in cryptocurrencies and is actively working with educational campaigns on people about the nature of digital currencies and their business opportunities.

G. Martina Morales, mother dedicated to crypto trading

Martina originally worked in the sales sector until she got pregnant. After devoting himself to his son’s upbringing, he officially entered the digital currency ecosystem in 2017.

A turbulent start

Martina says that she entered this world the moment that Bitcoin and the major cryptocurrencies were at their highest prices in history, but invested in a project that didn’t produce the best results:

My entry into this world … started in full swing at the end of 2017 from BTC. At that time, they were trying to launch a Chilean cryptocurrency that was a “boom” for a few weeks. Due to the ignorance of the project itself, the market fluctuations, the fear of losing the chance (FOMO) and the ambition, I ended up losing a lot of money.

As with many people who fall victim to this type of offer, the experience created much confusion and uncertainty for Martina precisely because she was not aware of many more consolidated aspects that characterize the ecosystem beyond the scams that use the offer’s reputation for digital currencies to attract investors.

However, this led to increased interest in the most reputable digital currencies:

Later … I decided to investigate with several other Chileans. We were very self-taught and came to a completely different and unknown world.

Since then, Martina has dedicated herself to trading activities through a full-time exchange.

Crypto ecosystem and maternity

While the cryptocurrency ecosystem is very different from other office jobs in terms of business opportunities, Martina enables this world to spend more time with her family. This is how you can spend more time with your child and be present at important moments:

As you know, I decide whether I am going to have my entry and exit times today or not. I can take some time during the day if I want to do my things quietly and not neglect my son in this way.

Although this work can take hours and requires some attention, Martina assured that, although she is fully dedicated to trade, she has no conflicts with her family life. Instead, it highlights how gratifying this ecosystem offers beyond monetary income:

Advantages of this ecosystem? Apart from the profits, it has a lot to do … Meeting people from other countries and supporting the learning process of others in their respective regions is very interesting. I’ve also been volunteering for almost three months … and it’s mainly used to expand this world to many people who are unknown or just starting out.

The story of Mireya B. Acosta

The following Crypto Mom story is shared by Mireya B. Acosta, representative of Binance Resident in the Colombian city of Medellín, single mother of a 7-year-old girl who actively participates in the cryptocurrency ecosystem at local and regional level.

Mireya B. Acosta, representative of Binance in Medellín, Colombia.

As such, Mireya has been active in the digital currency ecosystem for five years, but previously worked in research and management of health programs and in university teaching.

Difficulty spending time with your daughter

One of the strongest aspects for Mireya was the fact that her work meant that she neglected much of her daughter’s upbringing and missed very important moments in her growth:

When I was pregnant I also taught at different universities, so my schedule was very tight and I could never see my daughter growing up, but through videos that the babysitter sent me. It was very frustrating for me until I got into clinical depression and wondered what people were doing who weren’t on schedule. What was the investment world like? And so I thought about the possibility of being an independent worker.

From then on, she began to study and find the cryptocurrency ecosystem. She was very attracted to his philosophy and the associated commercial opportunities trade. However, the beginnings within the sector led to economic losses due to the lack of knowledge of how these markets work, although over time and with a lot of advice, their business strategies have been perfected.

The advantages of the crypto world

Although Mireya initially perceives the world of commerce as a task for men, she assures that discipline and the fact that it is properly documented are the most important. His persistence and interest in these topics led him to take a more active role in the communities dedicated to them, managing various related chat groups, and supporting people with less experience so as not to have bad fraud-related experiences .

Regarding being a mother and doing this work, Mireya comments:

Cryptocurrencies are fascinating. Beyond the speculative side and the high volatility side, they have a technological component and a universe of fascinating projects behind them. They allowed me to work from home, meet people around the world, travel to different countries, speak a different language, be independent and help a lot of people.

And adds:

Back then, it was a very difficult decision to leave a relatively successful university career and devote myself to something that society misunderstood, but it was definitely worth it. Today I want my daughter to know that she was the inspiration and the reason for my courage to go this way.

Recommendation for mothers who are interested in the crypto ecosystem

As a final consideration, both Martina and Mireya shared some considerations aimed at mothers interested in knowing and operating in the crypto ecosystem.

In this context, Martina comments:

I would tell all these mothers to dare to open up to technology and not be afraid to join us in this emerging sector. These opportunities will be created and if we are part of this revolution and want to leave a legacy to our children, it will be better financial education for them and bring freedom to all who come.

For her part, Mireya agrees with Martina’s words and adds:

Today, all information is just a click away. The financial market is fascinating, regardless of age or type of education. This crypto world offers many opportunities to generate passive income and gain knowledge. Cryptocurrencies protect against devaluation and allow the unrestricted sending of transfers … A small investment can save a lot and change the lives of many mothers and women who are looking for an activity that gives them more independence and freedom.

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