Bitcoin madness not only infected the world of football, but also that of basketball – and worth the comment with a lot of money. Brooklyn Nets’ point guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, recently announced a strange campaign that fans of the Bitcoin

Source: GoFundMe

The Bitcoin campaign could decide Spencer Dinwiddie’s future career

The successful 27-year-old recently announced the launch of a GoFundMe campaign in which hopes to collect a modest amount of 2623.8 bitcoins in exchange for the fans who choose the next team with whom he will sign as soon as his contract ends stated on Twitter::

Spencer Dinwiddie creates a Bitcoin campaign for his future in the NBA

“I create this GoFundMe as a commitment to my previous tweets. As of now, 2625.8 BTC is equivalent to approximately $ 24,632,630, “said the basketball player.” If we reach the goal, I will allow the fan base to make my next team decision and sign a one-year contract of that fate. “

To make matters worse, a later tweet from sports analyst and writer Shams Charania, stressed Dinwiddie wants to go 100% hand in hand with the community and ensure that no team owner or employee takes part in this decision. So there shouldn’t be anything inappropriate:

Sharms Charania comments on the Bitcoin proposal with the NBA

In response, the NBA star made it clear that Bitcoin’s fundraising has nothing to do with its search for a token contract Tweet,

Just to clarify things, this has nothing to do with my security token. It is a completely independent concept and a profit-oriented company. (So ​​what’s going on, talk to Tritaurian Capital.) It’s actually a free market and crowdsourcing system. […]

Wherever you see it, it’s a good thing

However, Dinwiddie’s decision is unlikely to be made. I can hardly increase the expected amount, and if I should face a very careful analysis of a reluctant NBA despite the lack of regulation Explicitly determine the illegality of this act if it contains several rules that would likewise prevent Dinwiddie’s allegations from being realized in reality.

NBA video game

Perhaps the most important are the provisions of the collective agreement. According to a CBS analysis, the NBA can take into account that under these regulations Dinwiddie would artificially raise his salary for gamblingwhat could be a kind of unfair competition.

Spencer Dinwiddie and Blockchain have previously approached

Dinwiddie is not an unknown figure in the world of digital tokens and blockchain technology. At the beginning of the year it was news for his Intent to mark your contract in a blockchain thanks to an alliance with startup Securitize.

Dinwiddie publishes digital tokens

The Pro Athlete Value Investment Token (a kind of strange ICO with its value as a player as an underlying) was proposed was not to the taste of the NBA so quickly quoted an excerpt from the aforementioned collective agreement, which states:

“No player may assign or transfer his right to compensation from the team to a third party under his uniform player contract.”

What if Dinwiddie doesn’t collect the required amount? The answer is at least fairly humane: The player assures that he will donate all funds to charity::

If we don’t reach the goal, I will donate 100% of this campaign to charity. Fan engagement comes in all shapes and sizes, let’s have fun people!

Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all: you wouldn’t be easy help to raise a little awareness of possible future uses of Bitcoin, but you can be sure that the money will be used for a good cause.

But you should hurry up as the campaign deadline is one month and one day has already raised $ 1,000 from 93 fans and crypto enthusiasts. Who knows? Maybe a crypto-billionaire will donate the missing $ 24,631,630 and no longer have a chance to participate.

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