Ontology, a high-performance blockchain company, has announced a partnership with the global digital content creation platform OGQ. Allow millions of digital assets to be hosted on the Ontology Blockchain.

This collaboration enables OGQ to use the Ontology Blockchain to improve the copyright protection of its content creators. Simultaneously with the hosting of the assets in the Ontology Blockchain, the company offers the possibility to acquire digital assets using the OEP-4 token.

With this in mind, Ontology offers users the ability to purchase digital assets using the OEP-4 tokens on the company’s public blockchain. In addition, developers have the option to receive token rewards.

The new OGQ alliance

Andy Ji, co-founder of Ontology, said: “With 14 million OGQ developers, 54 million digital assets have been uploaded to OGQ since their inception in 2011. It is one of the leading platforms for connecting developers with fans.“”

He also commented that “One of the biggest challenges for digital content creators is the ability to retain copyright in their work. Through our partnership, 250 million OGQ content for digital assets is hosted by Ontology’s public network. This will be the largest certification of the public chain to date“”

In this way, the growing social creation platform OGQ enables content creators to upload and sell their digital content. Including emojis, pictures, videos, music, stickers and memes for fans. Keep working to improve copyright protection on your network.

Jess Eun, business developer at OGQ: “Our goal is that developers have the best platform to market their content. The flexibility of ontology technology enables us to build a decentralized system that adapts to the needs of our users. ”

He also commented: “In this way, the Ontology Blockchain will change the global OGQ markets for digital asset content. Provides users with more security, protection, verification and scalability and enables them to purchase digital content with OEP-4 tokens. “

Ontology Company

Ontology offers a fast and easy-to-use platform with a single infrastructure that supports close collaboration between chains. Providing the tools for businesses to securely design their own blockchain solutions, as is the case with the millions of digital assets that OGQ hosts on the blockchain.

The distributed collaboration platform is based on Ontology Token (ONT) and enables companies to take advantage of smart contracts and token conversion while maintaining control over their sensitive data.

Ji Castle: “OGQ’s close collaboration with Naver, one of Korea’s leading search engines. AfreecaTV, a live streaming social media platform with over 25 million users. This makes it an ideal opportunity for Ontology to grow alongside a large digital market. “

As the OGQ continues to grow, Ontology will be available to provide ongoing technical support to meet the growing demand for the platform.


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