The proxy provider for the OneCoin website, CloudFlare, displayed notifications for Phishing to users. Nevertheless, OneCoin continues to strive to keep the website active.

According to a publication in the media company BehindMLM, OneCoin, OneLife and DealShaker are the websites that are currently available are marked with warnings Phishing. As a result, none of the websites are currently accessible. CloudFlare is a company that provides network services for content delivery and internet security. In addition, through its public DNS service, it warns of the dangers these pages can pose to users’ personal data.

Although this fact didn’t affect all OneCoin sitesCloudFlare believes this will affect the ability to make new victims for the company’s system, which is considered the Ponzi program. Before the event, the OneCoin team tried to make changes Host the websites directed to the Asian company HGC Global Communications to correct the warning from Phishing. However, this did not work because the warnings for users trying to access the pages persist.

Despite rejection, desperate attempts continue

According to the release, OneCoin abandoned CloudFlare a week ago to use Sucuri’s services. This worked as a warning for a while Phishing on the website. However, the Sucuri team conducted an internal investigation into the OneCoin change that led to it Sucuri will withdraw the services on the site in a few days.

«OneCoin’s last attempt to keep its sites active was to use DOSarrest’s services. You can only wait and see if this company decides to withdraw the services provided for OneCoin or if it can achieve the goal of keeping its website operational. “

It is not the first time that OneCoin websites are disabled due to fraudulent activity. CryptoNews reported in December 2019 that the European Domain Register (EURid) has disabled several OneCoin-related websites for legal research.

It should be remembered that OneCoin has already been classified as fraudulent in several countries around the world. American law enforcement has taken action on this matter by pleading guilty to money laundering against several people involved in the OneCoin pyramid scheme. Most recently, David Pike pleaded guilty to the money laundering allegations that the New York court made against him last November.


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