Today at CriptoTendencia we tried to bring you closer to the events of the Bitcoin world on the day of the halving from second to second. We also made a live coverage of the #BinanceHalvingParty and a summary of everything that those who attended said it. However, if you haven’t had a chance to review everything yet, we’ll bring you a summary of the 10th Tweets Highlights of this halving of Bitcoin reporting.

Halving Day = News Day, summarized in 10 tweets

Expectations and forecasts, Binance CZ tells us about it

So we started the day with comments from Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance. CZ gave us some Insights Interesting while we were waiting for the 630,000 BTC block.

1. CZ shares his vision of Halving during #BinanceHalvingParty.

2. CZ also told what he was doing when the halving happened in 2016. An impressive preview, right?

We also witnessed this businessman’s medium-term vision. Especially in 4 years if the next halving is to take place.

3. Binance CEO’s expectations for the cryptocurrency industry in 4 years.

Countdown live and direct

We also kept an eye on the countdown to halving Bitcoin throughout our reporting. But how can you not do that? After all, each block created was another step towards the culmination of what we had been waiting for months.

4. Nine missing blocks to start halving. The countdown was exciting.

At this point, only 9 blocks remained. Were you excited too? Well, in that case, you surely noticed that you weren’t alone.

The excitement became clearer when we reported that there was only one block left for Halving. Really fascinating.

5. The moment of tension when there was only 1 block left.

New news while we waited for the halving

We also followed the comments from Aaron Gong, Vice President of Binance Futures. He discussed the possibility of adding more options to Forex traders at Binance Futures if there is strong demand for these products.

6. Aaron Gong on new opportunities and products for Binance Futures.

Then we reported in real time about the drop in Bitcoin prices, just six blocks before Halving Bitcoin was officially launched.

7. During this waiting period, the effects were noticed, a bitcoin price drop of 5.20% within a few minutes.

Updated halving articles from second to second

As if that weren’t enough, CriptoTendencia employees also generated high quality content about what was happening. For example, we discussed the growing interest in “Bitcoin Halving” according to Google Trends.

Bitcoin halving has become a trend in Google search.

In the same way, within a few hours of halving them, we did an analysis of Bitcoin metrics, Binance Angels comments, and a lot of other content that you can find either on Twitter or on the same website.

9. At the time of halving, we were still analyzing the situation on the crypto market.

How did the reporting end for us?

So this special ended with the tweet that excited us the most throughout the reporting. Yes, exactly at the time when the block with the number 630,000 was generated in the Bitcoin blockchain!

10. Habemus halves for Bitcoin.

Would you like to know how we celebrate it? Well, with this awesome Lil Bubble theme called “Half on the block”(Half in the block). End this song as the end of the day: “Go to the middle of the block, cut it quickly, don’t stop. Watch him fly up“”

Finally, the question arises whether Bitcoin Bitcoin will fly up. However, we can only wait and see how this story develops.


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