Podcast En Consenso celebrates its first year with more and better Bitcoin talks


In Consenso, the flagship podcast of CriptoNoticias reaches its first year of broadcast full of goals, experiences and new energy to achieve new successes.

With 31 episodes in this first cycle, the demonstrate It was able to adapt to a Bitcoiner community that is more demanding every day, but without serving new Bitcoin enthusiasts and cryptocurrencies who are constantly looking for education.

The podcast was designed to fill a Underserved space in the Hispanic audience asking about new forms of educational content on Bitcoin in simple, entertaining and entertaining language. Relevant ecosystem personalities such as Andreas Antonopoulos have said they are present to share their thoughts with our audience across Latin America.

It was exactly our Latin American region that was best represented with voices such as Solange Gueiros, Francisco Calderón, Alberto Cárdenas or Carlos Roldán, all with a common message: to talk about cryptocurrencies, their behavior, their functioning and their future.

Regarding the approach of the podcast, Elena Cazes, moderator and producer of En Consenso, explained that the idea from the beginning was to establish a program in which informal conversations about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were generally broadcast unconditionally and in simple language can. This would help users approach this world under construction.

“From the beginning, En Consenso was developed for people who know little or little about technology. The goal is education and dissemination, which means that guests offer their views or explanations as clearly as possible without using too much jargon or too many complicated things, “said Cazes.

One aspect that the driver highlighted is the audio format The podcast should simplify the topics covered to better understand the audienceThis distinguishes them, for example, from the written content, in which the formal aspect and the detailed explanation of the technology already have their own space.

To date, En Consenso has broadcast 31 episodes. Source: CryptoNews Cover Capture.

Successes, learning and difficulties

The hostess also reviewed the anecdotes, obstacles, and gratifications that the podcast left her with in that first year of work. Despite the difficulties, he managed to avoid the setbacks, take them as lessons and improve for the future of En Consenso.

“We had a special guest once, but the recording was so bad that none of this material could be saved and the episode was not broadcast. Another time, in the middle of an interview, the power went out and the program continued without the guest knowing that I had disconnected for this reason. It was up to my co-moderator José Rafael Peña to ask the final questions and close the interview. A lot has happened, but the program has good reception and can be heard on various platforms, including YouTube, which was a pleasant surprise for me, “said the producer.

The dynamics of In Consensus are developed with two interviewers. For Cazes, his co-moderator is an integral part of the program because Peña is focuses on points that may go unnoticed and are also of interest to the audience. “He is usually the one who finds the ‘weak points’ of the projects and asks the guests about them,” added the host.

Regarding the episode that shaped her the most, Elena answered without hesitation that it was Antonopoulos’s, “for everything she represents to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.” Cazes pointed out that it was a challenge since the interview had to be conducted in English and prepared all of his questions in that language. She also kept an eye on her style to cross-examine as the conversation progressed.

“I was very nervous, not only because I spoke to Andreas, but I also had to do the interview in English. I didn’t feel safe enough to do all of these things in English. I became like a girl with her favorite artist. Andreas is a kind, patient, extraordinary and very calm man, “he said.

future plans

For José Rafael Peña, content coordinator of CriptoNoticias and co-moderator, the The podcast will offer a broader guest panorama with country diversification in this second year and new educational content.

“We will continue to interview relevant guests within the cryptocurrency ecosystem who provide important information to generate new content for the newspaper. It has gone through several phases in Consenso since its inception, now it is a more sophisticated product within CriptoNoticias, “said Peña.

The engineer emphasized that as with any project, there were difficulties, but that the show has reported with great satisfaction because of Elena’s passion for podcasts and Bitcoin, which ultimately fueled the project.

«It is true, the technical details were never missing, there were cases when Elena had to edit the episodes from voice memos. It was all her idea that CriptoNoticias should have a podcast to be such a fan of that format. The newspaper agreed to the proposal and immediately started working on the tone of the interviews and editing the program, “added the co-moderator.

Peña confessed that sometimes that Respondents can be a box full of surprises because they are invited to a specific topic but end up talking about philosophyfor example. This behavior affects him that the world of cryptocurrencies is related to several aspects of life, the history of money, governments and financial independence.

Now, in this second year of interviews, En Consenso will continue to focus on satisfying Hispanic audiences with their usual weekly episodes and renowned guests in the industry. The mission is and remains to put Latin American projects first to show that the region is making progress in Bitcoin adoption, technical development and compression.


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