The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Argentine province of Córdoba is providing funds for the development of a project called “Blockchain Node”.

According to information published in the Argentine digital medium La Voz Several institutions in the province of Córdoba are involved in this project with the idea of ​​creating a space in which institutions and organizations that focus on the use of blockchain platforms can come into contact.

The blockchain node is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology together with the National University of Cordoba, the National Technological University, the Catholic University of Cordoba, the Institute of Aviation University and the Technology Cluster of Cordoba. These organizations have met have been working on project goals since last February.

In this way, it was set as one of the main goals advocate the development of blockchain technology in the regiontaking into account its different uses and uses. The plan includes promoting education on the subject and “working on coordinating, articulating and adding capacity to optimize efforts and deepen the specialization of local talent as a competitive difference for the province”.

So far, the educational goal has been achieved because “the node is currently working on dissemination strategies Webinars (adapted to the context) by renowned local and international experts », says La Voz.

Parallel, The group has evaluated possible products and services that could be developed in the province with the use of blockchain technology. Javier Salomón, member of the Hyperledger community and blockchain entrepreneur, spoke about it. via your Twitter account He was pleased to be “part of a round table with professionals and specialists, representatives of Argentine institutions and companies in the creation of the blockchain node for the government of the Province of Cordoba”.

As noted on the official website, the municipality of Córdoba has been using blockchain since 2017 to keep a constant record of its key data. In this sense, they insure that They use the blockchains from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Signatura to certify the mentioned registration.

The introduction of blockchain-based systems in Argentina is increasing. It was recently published that the Association of Business Leaders (ADE) uses blockchain to validate digital signatures. They used the Signatura platform to sign the minutes of a general meeting and to confirm that this platform will enable them to carry out various administrative procedures in the future.

On the other hand, some charities in the South American country are turning to cryptocurrencies to promote social protection. CryptoNews reported last May that the Argentine organization BisBlick, which is collecting funds to award scholarships to low-income Argentinian youth, accepts crypto assets.


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