Purse.io, the long-standing company known for driving the introduction of cryptocurrencies to Amazon users, will announce the final closure from June 26, 2020.


After six years in the crypto space, lto the platform Purse.io announces the final closure of the facility. The news comes amidst the uncertainty that many companies have about the corona virus crisis.

Purse.io operated as a payment intermediary Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Amazon. The begin, which started operating in 2014 when Bitcoin was worth about $ 500, it was also popular for buying Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash by Gift cards of Amazon.

The draft will be published in a press release Bitcoin The decision to liquidate the company announced for a long time, although the company did not specify the exact reasons for the decision.

We made the difficult decision to liquidate the company. We are grateful for the opportunity our followers offer to create products and infrastructures for the cryptocurrency community. Thank you to everyone who used our products, told their friends, or helped us in any way.

Purse.io announces final closure

The message from Purse.io has surprised many community enthusiasts because the company was seen as one of the projects that focused on the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Especially since it offered discounts to users who used digital currencies to buy products Amazon.

After thanking the community, the company informed its users that they would continue to offer support for ongoing orders and withdrawals until June 26. This ensures that all transactions and accounts are processed.

However, the platform reported that it has already deactivated new subscriptions. For his part, he announced that the functionalities “To buy“And”Win“Will be deactivated next week, April 23. In the statement Purse.io also asked customers “Withdraw your money as soon as possible“”

Finally, the platform will cease operations on June 26, 2020.

Uncertain panorama

Given the market uncertainty and the future of the global economy, many companies are forced to take strict measures. As a matter of fact Amazon this week announced members of its affiliate program to cut commission rates starting April 21.

Quite a few companies are affected by the outbreak of the corona virus. Some companies living in the crypto ecosystem are also taking action. The crypto mining farm, Bitfarms recently announced downsizing measures.

The Chinese Mining Group from Bitcoin, BytePool, reported earlier in the month the closure of the business despite a significant increase in Hashrate. The mining company reported that the measure was implemented due to concerns about the next one cut in half of Bitcoin.

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