We have long highlighted the potential of blockchain technology and we are pleased to introduce today a solution based on this technology that can help save lives and return to normal in an orderly manner without risk and as quickly as possible.

It’s about Immunity passports or health passes created by Vottun together with PwC and RocaSalvatella, which can be very useful in restoring citizens to work without the risk of a new Covid 19 outbreak.

In the words of Antonio Requena, partner of PwC:

“To achieve an orderly lack of containment and a quick reactivation of work, the information about the immunity of employees in companies and public institutions can be used to ensure their privacy as much as possible. It can also help revitalize key sectors such as tourism. “

We asked Luis Carbajo, CEO of Vottun, what the goal of the new solution is.

“Revitalizing the economy is essential to get global operations going again, but it is impossible if it is not done in an absolutely safe manner, which will ensure that people are not infected by their colleague or passenger.” next door. Immunity or health passports enable secure deconfusion and 100% respect for people’s privacy thanks to credentials and blockchain traceability. The legality of data processing and the suitability of this technology for massive use in thousands of health centers, companies, etc. were of crucial importance for the solution developed with PWC. “

How do Vottun Digital Immunity Passports work?

1- The health center performs the Covid-19 test. As soon as the results are available, they will be registered on the platform created by Vottun and published in the selected blockchain with a single click.

2- Vottun creates the required credentials and provides them to the person who has completed the test. The citizen can later control this information using his mobile device. The moment you have to prove your health, you can show your immunity card

3- The authority requesting this credential can read the QR code of the immunity passport using a normal mobile device. Vottun uses the QR code to check the credentials in real-time cryptographically. We also thought of solutions that would allow QR-free verification.

Why can it help governments?

With the aim of getting our grain of sand into this crisis, we presented our solution to several governments, and their attitude was absolutely positive. Everyone agreed that our instrument would be useful for them when the expected situation occurred.

Citizens need security. You must know that your employees do not have the Covid-19 and that there is no risk of infection. The problem lies in the mistrust that this measure creates for citizens. For this reason, the sum has placed particular emphasis on the treatment of data, data protection and transparency as well as ownership of the damage caused by the citizen and not by third parties. This is what blockchain technology offers to be a great ally to gain citizens’ trust.

This crisis has paralyzed the world, it is global and therefore requires global solutions that are cross-border and applicable on a large scale and everywhere. We suggested our solution that is compatible with the PEPP PT tracking apps. It is based on the W3C-DID identity standards, which are considered a benchmark in several countries. That means it is completely cross-border, so one of the advantages is that the tourism is reviving.

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