Republican senator and ex-Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler sells portfolio after insider allegations


Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler will sell the portfolio after allegations of insider trading. Loeffler and her husband sold millions of shares in January before the market crash.


The former CEO of Bakkt and the current representative of the Georgian Senate in the United States, Kelly Loeffler, has decided to liquidate all of his actions following serious allegations of using privileged information.

In a Tweet Yesterday, the Republican Senator announced that she and her husband Jeffrey spokesman -CEO ICE (Intercontinental Exhangge Group) and President of the New York Stock Exchange- They are selling their portfolio to isolate themselves from unfounded accusations and to focus on the current coronavirus problem.

My husband and I liquidate our properties in managed accounts. I don’t do it because I have to. I do it to go beyond distraction and focus again on the essential work that we all have to do to defeat the corona virus.

Kelly Loeffler sold millions of shares before the market crash

Loeffler’s latest statements come shortly after a stock sell-off scandal broke out just before the market crash related to corona viruses. How checked DailyBitcoinIn January, the U.S. Senator reportedly sold millions of shares shortly after attending a private meeting in the Senate to discuss the health issue of the Covid 19 outbreak.

At that time, the virus spread quickly across China, but authorities said everything was under control in the rest of the countries. According to the US Senate’s Financial Disclosure Records, Loeffler and her husband sold shares valued between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. The actions led to a number of public accusations against the senator of using inside information to gain financial benefits.

It should be noted that at the time the allegations emerged, stocks and the market, including stocks sold by Loeffler and her husband, had fallen by almost 50%.

It should also be noted how I had checked at the time DailyBitcoinIt is strange that the senator first reported the transactions on her husband’s behalf and later (in March) changed them as co-ownership.

At that time, the former CEO of Bakkt rejected the allegations through contributions to his account Twitter and explained that it was an unsubstantiated attack:

This is a ridiculous and unsubstantiated attack. I don’t make investment decisions for my portfolio. Investment decisions are made by several external advisors without my knowledge or my husband’s involvement[…] I was informed of these purchases and sales on February 16, 2020 – three weeks after they closed..

Republican senator sells portfolio after allegations

This week, the Senator from Georgia also published an opinion in the Wall Street Journal to defend against allegations. In the article, Loeffler emphasized that his decision to sell his portfolio did not meet the requirements of the Senate, but rather his strong commitment to take measures to fight the pandemic.

In addition, the Senator again made it clear that her equity portfolio is managed by an external financial advisor, a measure she took a long time ago to distance herself from possible accusations like this. “”My family’s investments are managed by external advisors at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Sepio Capital and Wells Fargo“Indicates in the article.

As lifelong leaders of a Fortune 500 financial services company, my husband and I made this agreement to isolate ourselves and our colleagues from such unfounded accusations. I don’t do it because I have to. I did everything correctly, in accordance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the ethical standards of the Senate and US law. UU.

Loeffler also added in the article that in the future he will report all transactions in a public report on periodic transactions:

I take steps to go beyond the distraction and focus again on the essential work that we all have to do to defeat the corona virus. Although the Senate’s ethics rules don’t dictate this, my husband and I liquidate our holdings of managed accounts and switch to exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. I will report these existing transactions in the regular transaction report that I will submit later this month.

Retrieve votes for re-election

However, Loeffler is not the only US senator who has been accused of using inside information to favor her portfolio. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Secret Service, and his wife receive similar public allegations after posting share sales between $ 628,000 and $ 1.7 million in January.

In fact, the allegations prompted the country’s Ministry of Justice to launch investigations into stock transactions conducted by lawmakers.

Loeffler assumed his position in the US Senate on January 6, 2020 after one year as CEO at the Crypto Company. Bakkt. As various news agencies reported, Loeffler’s recent measures could aim to alleviate the scandal by storing his reelection offer in the Senate.

This is not the first time the Georgia State Senator has been exposed to public charges. However, the recent allegations could adversely affect their re-election in the coming months. According to the latest article, a left branch is responsible for Loeffler to create the rumors to attack his person.

At no time have I benefited or attempted to make a profit from my service in the Senate. This story was invented by a left-wing website, never verified by facts, and used by the media and my political opponents as a weapon as a groundless attack.

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