Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, plans to buy Bitcoin with his stimulus package


For the author of the bestseller “Rich father, poor father “Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoinlike gold and silver “are out of the systemThe main reason why he says he plans to buy cryptoactivity with their stimulus package


Six days after some tips Financial literacy about Twitter Millions of people with whom he recommended saving in Bitcoin, the billionaire, businessman and author of “Rich father, poor father“Robert Kiyosaki, he mentioned again Bitcoin (BTC)in addition to gold and silver.

This time it happened in a podcast interview that was offered to the co-founder of Morgan Creek DigitalAnthony Pompliano with reference to Bitcoin how “An escape “and even claims that he intends to buy it with his stimulus package.

Depending on the medium FinBoldAlthough it is not surprising why Kiyosaki wants to invest in gold and silver, as it has in fact been the main investment for decades It’s amazing why you want to invest Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki plans to buy Bitcoin

“”The reason I endorse Bitcoin is because it is not part of the systemSaid Kiyosaki. “”It’s a separation from the government and my money“He added, laughed and agreed with Pompliano, who expressed it several times.

The interview with Pompliano, the popular “pomp“Amid an analysis of Kiyosaki’s various concepts related to what he called”a rigged system“”

The dollar is not reliable, so Kiyosaki plans to buy Bitcoin

For Kiyosaki, that’s all because the US dollar “no reliable money“” Thats why invest in gold, silver and Bitcoin in the long run it is “a better idea“”said the billionaire.

Kiyosaki referred to the current economic struggles in the United States regarding government solutions such as bailouts.

“”The Fed is not a bank; It is a poster of the richest people in the world that we will never seeHe said, referring to books called The creature of Jekyll Island y Grunt of the giants. “”The people who own the Federal Reserve control the worldKiyosaki continued.

US Government Aid “It’s Communism”

About the Corona Virus “The pandemic is probably realSaid Kiyosaki. “”But then you get so desperate that you’ll take the money“He added, referring to the US government’s efforts to contain the crisis Covid-19B. $ 1,000 and $ 500 (per child) stimulus checks for citizens. “”It is communism“”he added.

Kiyosaki pointed out gold, silver and gold to escape inflation and the controlled system that is currently facing difficulties Bitcoin.

“”The reason is that it is outside the central banking system, it is outside the systemHe said. “”So I’m saying that gold and silver are God’s money and Bitcoin is the money of open source people.“He stopped.

The author also made headlines in October 2019 as loud DailyBitcoinsaid that “Bitcoin is conquering the territory of traditional banks “.

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Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

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