Robert Kiyosaki predicts that Bitcoin It will be worth $ 75,000 in three years. For Raoul Pal, the cryptocurrency could be worth around $ 500,000 if the crypto ecosystem strengthens.


The “guru” of finance, Robert Kiyosaki, author, who is recognized by the book best seller “Rich father, poor father,” he believes Bitcoin It will be worth $ 75,000 in three years. Via your account TwitterDue to the current crisis, Kiyosaki published a price forecast for various assets in the coming years.

A former managing director of Goldman Sachs threw an even bigger prediction for Bitcoin. For Raoul Pal, former head of hedge fund sales at Goldman Sachs In Europe, the price of the cryptocurrency could rise to around $ 500,000.

Kiyosaki predicts that Bitcoin will be worth $ 75,000 in three years

Once again the author of the book «Rich father poor father»Has made an optimistic comment Bitcoin predicts that the digital asset will see a significant increase in the coming years. Kiyosaki’s comments relate to the printing guidelines of the Federal Reserve from the United States, for which he has been critical on previous occasions.

On this occasion, the renowned financial expert also recommended its 1.3 million users in Twitter Invest in gold, or silver Bitcoinadded a value prediction for all three assets. In a tweet on Saturday, Kiyosaki wrote:

The economy dies. The Federal Reserve of the United States is incompetent. The next salvation will be trillions of pensions. Hope fades. Buy more gold, silver and bitcoin. GOLD @ $ 1700. $ 3000 forecast per year. Silver at $ 17. $ 40 forecast in 5 years. Bitcoin at $ 9,800. $ 75,000 forecast in 3 years. Pray for the one who is better prepared for the worst.

Kiyosaki’s comment comes just days after the US House of Representatives approved another $ 3 billion in pressure. It is the most recent FED move after two bills were passed in mid-March to conduct short-term reviews to save the economy from the current pandemic collapse.

This year, Kiyosaki was particularly optimistic about the major cryptocurrency following the US government’s monetary policy. With this in mind, the author has repeatedly warned that the United States is in substantial debt; Reason why it recommended to use refugee goods like Bitcoin as a form of financial protection against the crisis.

Former managing director of Goldman Sachs also makes its Bitcoin forecast

Similarly, Raoul Pal, former managing director of Goldman Sachs in Europe and CEO of Real vision, predicted that in the long run Bitcoin it could reach a value of USD $ 476,000. In an interview with ex-stockbroker Max Keizer on his show, Keizer reportBoth analysts discussed the latest developments in the crypto industry.

During the interview, the moderator Pal asked about his opinion Bitcoin correspond to the market capitalization of gold, to which the respondent replied: “With the way everything is going on in the world today, Bitcoin can accomplish this feat. “.

Once in Pal’s opinion Bitcoin Things will change from a sector investment to an asset class. The former managing director of Goldman It also repeated comments by billionaire Paul Tudor Jones about the possibility that the cryptocurrency could multiply its value.

I think its assessment over time if it becomes the ecosystem that we believe it will be – and it will take the entire ecosystem with me, I think. Yes, a $ 10 billion figure is easy to achieve in this process. This takes you from a niche to an asset and once it’s a full asset class, it becomes investable for others.

At the beginning of April, the financial veteran said he was preparing for a complete change in the financial system as we know it. Given this picture, he found that he invested part of his capital in crypto. At that time, Pal warned that the global economy will go through a complex scenario of difficulties that will affect the new generations significantly.

In addition to Kiyosaki, there are other optimistic millionaires and veterans for Bitcoin

But these two big names in the financial industry aren’t the first to make big predictions Bitcoin in the not too distant future. In early May, the CEO of Morgan CreekMark Yusko said that the price of Bitcoin It could be $ 100,000 by 2021.

The American investor said in an interview with the YouTube, Altcoin Buzz that when the market cap of Bitcoin if it reaches the same value as gold, the value of the currency could increase significantly.

For his part in the past few weeks Bitcoin There seems to be a lot of attention from major investors in the financial world. Last week, billionaire and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya praised the advantages of the leading cryptocurrency in the economic crisis scenario.

Palihapitiya’s comments came just a few days after the purchase of well-known investor Paul Tudor Jones Bitcoin to protect yourself from the crisis. Tudor announced that it has invested between 1% and 2% of its assets in Bitcoin;; and, like Palihapitiya and Kiyosaki, he believed the asset was useful as a guarantee against the Fed’s massive money pressure.

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