The robot cache platform, founded by Brian Fargo and supported by technology giant AMD, is now in open beta for all users to buy and resell video games.

All of these operations can be performed using the Robot Cache virtual currency. IRON.

The main goal of this new platform is to attract all players who have the capacity and desire to buy and resell digital copies of their games. Even get new free games Mining the digital currency of the Robot Cache.

As published on its website, the market platform is based on the blockchain:

To ensure the safety of games that are bought and sold in such a way that cachers can be dismantled and rewarded with IRON when they are not using their machine

We warn that for the knowledge of users IRON is very similar to a cryptocurrency, but it is not.

Although Robot Cache optionally offers its users mines, it tells them that this currency can only be used to buy on its platform.

When Cacher subscribe at the push of a button, we forward them to optimized mining pools and are rewarded again with IRON, the virtual currency of our site. With these IRON you can buy games. It’s a great way to pay for your gaming habits

The company is very optimistic about the idea of will position themselves among the world’s mining companies in the near futureand use that potentially enormous computing power to run businesses and enable subscribers to win games.

AMD announced its union last December with the Blockchain Game Aliance and Robot cache Processors to present their technology AMD EPYC They offer high performance on backend servers that power their own platform.

The options and benefits of blockchain technology

To Robot Cache lets users work with traditional fiat currencies Just like on the popular Steam platform, which means without restrictions in this regard.

Since the platform is in the blockchain, it enables direct distribution, which can reduce costs in one case 95% on sales and up to 70% on resale.

However, Robot Cache’s current library mainly consists of games on a very low budget and independent projects Niche that cannot be considered new.

Perhaps a more democratic split, the ability to resell games, and mine IRON, will give the platform a greater chance of fighting for a position in the market that Steam is currently leading.

The blockchain gaming industry currently offers many options in 2020. To equip cryptocurrencies and the benefits of blockchain as well as to face other greats in the video game industry.

Photo courtesy of Robot Cache

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