The following opinion article was written by the President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Rodolfo Andragnes and deals with the subject Halve. “Bitcoin is the best lifeguard in a tidal wave,” says.


They say that nobody is saved from death and taxes, but from temptation Bitcoiner incorrigible to write about HalveFrom Bitcoin even a few days. And the truth is that there are many reasons because Halve is the most important event in the world of Bitcoin and so we know with the same certainty that death will one day reach us all, that Bitcoin It will cut its emissions in half every 210,000 blocks and does this approximately every 4 years. Neither the World Cup nor the Olympic Games can say the same thing.

If you are not part of this world of just a few tens of millions of people, you will think “and my what” and that is fine, even though there are only 2,625 million of the total of 21 million units to be emitted, you still have more than 100 Years time – when the last fraction is spent – so you understand that few things in the world have been as secure as the lack and reduction of bitcoin emissions.

It doesn’t matter, you will continue to say “and what to me”. And it is OK, it is understandable that you are comfortable with what is known, with what works for you, with the currencies whose emission and contraction are manipulated according to the needs of each government in order to run their economy in the country To protect relationship with that of others. the world or adapting to the extraordinary needs of a pandemic compared to a monetary asset that ignores the individual but is the spontaneous sum of an absolutely inclusive group.

Of course, you may not care, and it’s okay, after all, with this little coin that looks like an up and down, you can buy almost nothing. And who thinks of creating an asset around the clock that cannot be imposed or manipulated? Which company will accept this? And who, beyond these tens of millions, will save it as savings? It seems the joke of the flies that says: “Not because 10 million flies eat garbage, we will eat it!”

What you can’t deny is that almost every serious attempt in the world to create a state-owned digital currency is called CDBC from Central bank digital currencies– or Facebook when creating your digital currency lbUse the technology of and underlying Bitcoin. Obviously, they are taking away the part that it is not manipulable or that it is not an instrument of surveillance and control, after all, who you can be in addition to Satoshi Nakamoto – who deserves to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics – is not there interested in creating something where you can’t manipulate its flow or develop it according to your own interests, but respect the sum of the parts that make up your entire ecosystem.

But that’s right Bitcoin, perhaps the scarcest and most predictable financial asset that ever existed, the freely tradable between imaginary boundaries and demographic profiles, the most detailed with global liquidity of potentially infinite demand compared to an inelastic existence, and where only 0.3 today Bitcoins You are an average owner.

Deep down I want to wholeheartedly encourage everyone to understand and buy at least a few tenths of them Bitcoin and convince them that this is the best tidal wave lifeguard we haven’t seen yet, but they’ll surely say: “No, he says it because he’s the president of a Bitcoin NGO or because he has to buy us for the price to go up“” In short, it doesn’t matter, at least I am happy to let myself fly and put my trust in this good that ignores the aggressions of those who do not understand, prejudice or fear and who stoically accept all motives, but evolve and he believes that it will be an indispensable tool for a fairer, more distributed and more transparent world.

Let me greet you to this new one Halving, to this 12-year-old boy, who for me is an example of resilience and persistence, predictability and trust, freedom and market.

Rodolfo Andragnes.
Rodolgo Andragnes. Photo courtesy

Article by Rodolgo Andragnes

President of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina

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