Satoshi Nakamoto will smile for Bitcoin


Every day we are approaching an event that defines many things within the crypto community. We refer to the halving of Bitcoin, which is expected for May. And it is a difficult time for markets and societies when humanity is exposed to the coronavirus pandemic and governments are starting to increase their spending exponentially. As a result, Anthony Pompliano believes that Satoshi Nakamoto in the Tweet from today:

Does Satoshi Nakamoto smile?

Bitcoin has never gone through an era like the one we currently live in, although Satoshi Nakamoto predicted it. When a pandemic of the magnitude and severity of the coronavirus threatens to change our lives forever. More than 2 billion people around the world must be quarantined to prevent them from spreading. At the economic level, the interruption in work seems to be heading for a strong economic recession.

To avoid this last effect, the governments of the western world are preparing multi-million dollar economic plans so that their economies can continue to work in this crisis. A decision that has been criticized by several of the world’s top crypto analysts. For whom these measures would consist of printing unsupported money and would therefore have an inflationary impact on the economy.

Regardless of which crypto or perception you support, Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of the inefficiency of traditional markets seems to be gaining strength.

Bitcoin was created for this challenge

A situation for which Bitcoin was developed. Well, when Satoshi Nakamoto created the world’s first cryptocurrency, he did so as a deflationary currency, decentralized and impossible to manipulate.

What would avoid money problems like that of the US Federal Reserve? A situation that, together with the halving of the Bitcoin blockchain expected this May, causes Anthony Pompliano to say that Satoshi Nakamoto should smile everywhere:

“”A month before the halving of Bitcoin and the FED brings trillions of dollars into the economy. Satoshi Nakamoto smiles somewhere“”

With this comment, Anthony Pompliano merely confirms his stance on the future of the Bitcoin price in recent months. Hoping that the combination of Bitcoin’s halving and the increase in monetary liquidity in the U.S. will lead to an increase in BTC price that is at least as high as that of 2017.


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