Silvia Ardagna from Goldman Sachs is optimistic and encourages investors to take advantage of market opportunities


The investment bank expressed optimism about the economic recovery after the crisis. A Goldman Sachs representative is encouraging investors to take advantage of the upcoming “rally”.


The world’s largest investment and securities banking group, Goldman Sachs, It encourages its customers to take advantage of market opportunities. Silvia Ardagna, from Goldman Sachs, encouraged customers to “back to the gameAnd He was optimistic about the economic recovery after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Silvia Ardagna, managing director of the investment strategy group of Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Managementhe commented:

Our own advice to clients is that now is a good time to return to the markets and take advantage of the decline in the stock markets to position themselves for the recovery..

Ardagna was particularly optimistic about the US stock markets and asked the bank’s customers to return to stock trading. With that in mind, he advised clients not to invest in European government bonds or high-yield credit positions, as US stocks have much better and faster recovery opportunities.

According to the expert, the current moment of the market offers an investment opportunity, as she believes that a strong recovery is possible in the next few years.

Goldman Sachs encourages investors

The bank’s investment strategists have not failed to warn that there may be a sharp decline in global economic activity in the short term. However, they estimate that the market in the form of V will recover positively in the second half of the year. In this connection, the bank representative stated:

We see the light at the end of the tunnel because we believe the medical community will progress sooner and later, and because fiscal and monetary responses around the world, especially in the U.S., where we are overweight stocks, are pretty aggressive and aggressive were powerful.

During the interview with BloombergArdagna also praised the actions of US politicians in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In this context, he pointed out that while the measures will not be able to prevent a large-scale recession in the first half of the year, they will promote a healthy recovery.

The bank representative’s comments come shortly after Peter Oppenheimer, the chief global equity strategist Goldmanthink alike. In an interview with Bloomberg TVOppenheimer said global growth is expected to be 6% next year, which will lead to a strong recovery in stocks.

US stocks bottomed on March 23 after a 34% decline since mid-February. Since then, stocks have risen 21%. The market index S&P 500 This also reflects the optimism of the economic recovery, which rose 1.45% today.

“”When valuations are so low, when stock markets have fallen fairly abruptly over a period of 12 to 18 months, the chances of getting a positive return are pretty high“He added Ardagna.

Optimism in Bitcoin

The panorama of the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic crisis of the corona virus has motivated an important stimulus program of the US federal government. According to Ardagna These support measures for companies are positive. because they will enable the crisis to resume operations more quickly.

However, the strategist ‘s views of Goldman Sachs They are moving away from the comments that other analysts have given about the impulses and investment opportunities on the stock exchange. In a recent interview, the veteran of Wall StreetCailtlin Long explains that the Fed stimulus package increases the financial debt the country has borne for years.

In Long’s opinion, these measures will lead to significant changes in the US financial structure, which is why he was not too optimistic about “investing in”.Assets linked to the financial structure“” In his opinion, assets are not tied to the traditional structure – like Bitcoin– They will be the best alternatives to the crisis.

Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki has also voiced criticism of the Federal Reserve’s money pressure and debt. For the first time in history the author of “Rich father, poor father“, Was optimistic about using Bitcoin as reserve assets in a crisis scenario. Similar to Long, he said that assets like gold or gold Bitcoin are preferable because they “fout of the system“”

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