Although it is an illegal activity and its income is much lower than that of others in this category, the monthly figures indicate a considerable amount of money.

Sophos and CipherTrace have teamed up to learn about Bitcoin’s relationship to what are known to be activities Sextortion. This activity puts pressure on victims to distribute personal images, and hackers can request that they send a certain amount of Bitcoin to a certain amount wallet .

According to the Sophos and CypherTrace report in the last five months of 2019, the measures taken by SextortionDue to fraud and extortion related to payments in cryptocurrencies, large amounts of money have been posted in their malicious activities, the production of which was approximately $ 500 thousand based on the average bitcoin at the time of your transactions.

If we take into account other recent illegal activities that average over $ 1 million, dForce 24 million, $ 1 million pivot, we find that only $ 500,000 in five months is really not as attractive as other illegal activities, that bear much more fruit.

In the same way, it does not stop surprising practically some $ 100,000 a month with this kind of extortion.

What the companies Sophos and CypherTrace could not determine was whether these scams were carried out by one or more people dedicated to the subject, which means that this amount can be divided among many people.

However, it was found that small Bitcoin accounts pooled their assets into larger accounts and attacked hackers there to commit their illegal acts.

In addition, many of the fraudsters’ wallet addresses were used to shop online dark net Items like stolen credit cards.

Under this global corona virus threat to humanity, the attack does not escape with a significant decrease in cryptocurrency fraud according to the percentage of operations performed.

The good news is that this type of activity has declined by 33% and has even affected Covid-19’s cyber piracy activities, where absolutely no one has been able to get the situation in any negative way.

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